Air Canada

When it comes time to travel either for pleasure, or business you really want the best, of everything. Moreover, that is why we are writing this article about Air Canada for our viewers, as they have been voted the best north American airline five years in a row. For that reason, we have put together 10 reasons we should fly Air Canada, so you can see why they are the best in choice selection too.

The first reason we should fly Air Canada is their Seamless Travel. What they have done is incorporate same terminal connection, meaning connections are well timed, and you don’t have to change terminals or re-check baggage. They also have customer Pre-clearance, meaning there is no need to clear customs, or immigration, just a quick passport check at a bypass, and you’re on your way. That said, return flight’s clear customs while in transit, so no need to line up once you reached the US.

Our second reason is World-Class Comfort for International Business Class. In addition, the individual can get a personal TV with touch screen, a flat bed for sleeping, exquisite meals with fresh ingredients and a choice of wines to accompany their meal. You’ll also enjoy priority services at the airport, like priority check-in, and concierge service as well as access to Maple Leaf Lounges.

Third is Premium Economy Class from Air Canada. This airline has premium economy class, with which you get a dedicated cabin for superior comfort, priority airport services, premium meal, and enhanced amenities. Furthermore, readily available on selected Europe and Asia’s flights, it is a new class of travel with larger seats, more recline, which in turn gives you more legroom easily.

The fourth reason for using Air Canada is the Economy Class. When selecting the Economy Class the package comes with a personal touch screen TV at every seat, comfortable cabin interiors, and in seat power and USB ports. Over 600 hours of movies, TV shows, and music, which is available in 20 different languages.

Fifth reason we should fly Air Canada is Our Global Network. This gives you more destinations than most, with over 180 worldwide, including 60 in Canada, 49 in the United States, and 73 cities in Europe and other countries. Air Canada is also a founding member of Star Alliance network opening up even more destinations for you to choose from.

Sixth reason for flying with Air Canada is the Earn Miles feature. When flying with Air Canada you’ll have the option of earning Aeroplan miles, or miles in the Star Alliance frequent flyer programs. The person can earn, and also redeem miles across the whole network as well as every flight they take, and it will help them to earn towards a higher status.

Our seventh reason is the special offers, which are updated on the website. Nevertheless, checking frequently can save you quite a lot of money, as they have offers like, earn 30% more miles, and thousands of bonus miles on certain flights and destinations. That said, they also have deals of the week, which are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

The eighth reason we should fly Air Canada is the travel and info updates. Moreover, these can be quite significant, and can be found on the website, to alert consumers with warnings about email scams, or their changes in policies, which will be posted here. The person can also get travel tips at the site too, which can come in handy. Furthermore, any other useful or important information will be listed here too.

Ninth reason we should fly Air Canada is Air Canada Altitude. Air Canada Altitude is a top-tier program for customers who have been recognized as frequent fliers, Altitude members get into the Altitude Community, which can be your ticket to travel intelligence. In addition, by visiting the community the person can easily find out the best bars, shops, hotels and more, or make their own list, and share their hotspots from their travels with others with ease.

Our tenth reason has got to be the user friendly website. Here, you can book flights easy, check your status, log-in to check your miles, search through the special offers, and deals that are frequently posted, or just browse destinations. They also have contact numbers where you can talk directly to customer service for password assistance, groups, meetings and conventions and much more.

Air Canada is a leader in air travel, and keeping their travelers happy seems to be a priority with them always. Moreover, flying with Air Canada will allow you to really enjoy a stress-free flight with comfortable surroundings and great amenities. On that final note, we hope our 10 reasons we should fly Air Canada has helped you to decide to try them out, especially if you’re a frequent flyer, you won’t be disappointed.