American Airlines

American Airlines is one of the most well-liked and well known airlines, so it’s no wonder numerous customers only use American Airlines. We thought we would put together a list of 10 reasons we should fly American Airlines to show you what makes them such a popular choice. Read on to find out if this airline could be your new go to place to book all your future destinations.

Our first reason for flying with American Airlines is cabin comfort. The most important thing when it comes to flying, especially long haul, is comfort, without it your trip is stressful and uncomfortable. Well, you can expect more leg room, larger overhead bins for storage, more inflight power, and full lie flat business-class seats with this airline.

The second reason is inflight dining, because if you’re hungry, then you aren’t comfortable. That said, both first, and Business class offer a wide range of meals depending on where you’re traveling, served on modern China and flatware. The person can even reserve their entree in advance, simply log in and view ‘my trips’ and check out the menu for your upcoming flight and make your selection. However, this must be done at least 24hrs before departure.

Third reason we should fly American Airlines is the Amenity Kits. The premium amenity kits are packed with health, and wellness items for your comfort, and will help you arrive feeling fresh. In addition, the first class kits include rejuvenating skin-care products, and also can double as a tablet case too. That said, business-class kits as well have refreshing cosmetics for your personal use.

Our fourth reason for using American Airlines is their turndown service. This is for first class travelers on their Boeing 777, and you can relax with their quilted bed topper, premium duvet, pajamas, slippers and pillow. Business-class travelers on international flights get a premium duvet, and pillow to enjoy some shut eye before landing.

The fifth reason is the flagship suites when traveling first class, or business class in one of their Boeing 777’s. The person can use privacy dividers, tray tables, and power points to turn their area into a workstation, so you can still be productive. The seat also turns into a six foot six-inch bed with arm rests that drop down to give you plenty of stretching room.

Sixth reason for going with American Airlines is the main cabin extra. This gives you up to six inches of additional leg room due to you getting a seat nearer the main cabin. You also get early boarding, giving you plenty of time to settle in and stow away your gear. Moreover, the prices for this option start at only $20, and you can change to this option on the website, or through their mobile app if you have a credit card on your AAdvantage profile.

The seventh reason we should fly American Airlines is connectivity using Wi-Fi. Connection in flight is similar to the broadband on the ground. Wi-Fi is now available on most flights within the US. For Wi-Fi, we do feel it’s a bit pricey as a one full-day pass is $16, and monthly subscription for $49.95+tax, but it’s worth checking the site regularly as they do offer Wi-Fi specials throughout the year.

Our eighth reason for using American Airlines is the inflight entertainment. Depending on your flight, and destination they offer a selection of videos you can stream on your own device, or you can use the overhead video entertainment. Furthermore, some cabins on select flights have complimentary tablets, Bose headphones, magazines and newspapers.

Ninth reason for flying with American Airlines is the power points. Having somewhere to charge your device is important to most travelers, and all planes have power points. There are some planes that still have DC instead of AC, but they are working on changing them all to AC. Even so, if you’re on a place that has DC you can use a DC to AC adapter.

The tenth reason we should fly American Airlines is the duty-free shopping. Duty free means you are exempt from paying taxes on your purchases. You can purchase in two ways, online at their store, and get your purchase delivered to your seat when you board, or browse the inflight catalog and purchase when you’re in the air.

Although we have listed 10 reasons, we should fly American Airlines, there are plenty of more reasons to use them. To find out even more about American Airlines, their destinations, planes, and fares just visit their website and check them out for yourself. We hope our list has given you another option to try if you’re not happy with you current airline, or maybe you at this moment feel like a change. You won’t regret it.