Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa

Read on for the top 10 reasons to visit Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa in Amoudara. The small village has many things to offer, and you can explore them all if you stay at Apollonia on your vacation.

Visit Amoudara beach
Apollonia Beach Resort is located on the beach of Amoudara, and the clear blue waters and white sand draw in many visitors every year. The beach is the perfect place for water sports, tanning sessions but also a good spot for people watching.

Food and eating
The hotel’s main restaurant, Aphrodite, features an extensive menu of American dishes. The restaurant is open everyday for a breakfast buffet, but also lunch and dinner options. Furthermore, you may like checking out the Ambrosia tavern when you are in the mood for some Greek specialties.

Go to the Spa
Aegeo Spa offers a diverse treatment menu which is suitable even for the most picky guests. The Spa offers luxury body massages and therapies, but also facials and manicure services. If you want to visit it, you should know the place is open until 7 pm.

Check out the pools
Apollonia Beach Resort features 2 freshwater pools, but also a saltwater pool. You can also enjoy an hour in the hot tub, or relax on a sun bed and sip on a drink. If you came here with your kids, the hotel offers 2 baby pools as well.

Practice some fitness
The hotel offers varied fitness options, from which some are personalized. You can choose to attend one of the fitness of training classes taught by professional instructors, or simply practice a workout by yourself.

The hotel’s services
Apollonia Beach resort provides free parking services to all its guests, as well as a multilingual reception. In addition to that, car rentals are also available in case you don’t have your own vehicle.

The rooms at Apollonia
The resort features 330 rooms of different sizes that satisfy any guest. You can opt for a bungalow, room or suite based on your needs. Every room is equipped with modern furniture and kitchens, as well as balconies with a beach view.

Play some sports
The hotel features not one but 2 tennis courts that are lit at night. This gives you the opportunity to play your favorite sport regardless of the hour. Beside this, you might also enjoy some beach volleyball or canoe lessons.

The amazing location
You will not be disappointed if you decide to vacation in Amoudara. This small village in Crete features a wide selection of restaurants, coffee shops, but also nightclubs and art galleries. It is clear you won’t get bored.

Trips and excursions
If you like the outdoors and are searching for things to do, you should know that Apollonia Beach Resort organizes trips and excursions on a daily basis. Choose a bike excursion or a sailboat trip depending on the day, and explore all the wonders that Amoudara has to offer. In addition to this, the hotel also offers green sports for guests who care about the environment.