Go to the beach
Althouh Athens does not offers the same beaches as other parts of Greece, you can still lounge in the sun here. The city’s beaches are diverse and feature amenities you may enjoy, such as bathrooms and food stalls. You can also find many cozy restaurants along the way where you can have drinks and eat a specialty. The beaches can be easily reached by tram, so don’t worry about not being able to commute.

Visit the ruins
Athens is a modern city nowadays, but it still holds some of the charm it used to. Your trip to Athens should include a visit to the ancient ruins in order to take pictures and imagine how the people here used to live. Ancient Agora and the Dionysus Ancient Theater are only 2 of the places worth checking out.

Experience Greek cuisine
Greek cuisine is quite amazing and refreshing, so don’t miss out on the chance to try it on your vacation. You can easily locate a cozy restaurant to have lunch or dinner at. Greek gastronomy includes fresh produce, yogurt and lemon, and you will surely feel energized after your meal. Don’t forget to check out the cafes in order to enjoy a Greek coffee.

Go on a shopping spree
Greece is famous for its shops and spa products found everywhere. Take a stroll through the city centre and pamper yourself to a new beauty product or souvenir. Brands like Korres are specific to Greece, and their prices are lower here compared to other countries.

Visit the museums
The museums in Athens do not disappoint any fan or art. Visit the National Archaeological Museum first, and then go to the New Acropolis Museum. You can learn more about the city’s roots and also have some fun.