Top 10 places to visit in Atlanta

  • By Richars G
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State of Georgia's capital is a fabulous place where you can learn more about the US history. An important historical location, Atlanta played a big part in the Civil War and remains a favorite tourist attraction up to this day.

Go to Piedmont Park
Located downtown Piedmont Park is a gorgeous natural location you simply must see on a weekend. The park features trails where you can hike or take a walk, but also includes tennis courts and a large pool for people of all ages.

Centennial Olympic Park
If you have nothing to do on a lazy afternoon, take a walk through Centennial Olympic Park. The park offers amazing sculptures and numerous summer events are hosted here. If you are a winter tourists, you might enjoy ice skating on the lake.

Zoo Atlanta
Zoo Atlanta is a favorite destination for children but also adults. The zoo includes many endangered species, such as elephants and rhinos. In addition to that, kids will love getting close and personal with the animals at the Children's Zoo.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History
The permanent exhibits only made this spot popular. Take the time to enjoy viewing the dinosaur fossils, but also have a look at the 16th Century Spanish artifacts. An IMAX theater is also located here, and it plays the latest movies as well as documentaries.

Inside CNN Studio Tour
Do you want to learn more about how media is created? CNN offers tours to any tourist who is interested in seeing documentaries come to life. You can also get to see the newsroom, and maybe catch a glimpse of a famous TV personality.

Wold of Coca Cola
This attraction is surely something kids will enjoy, but adults should not miss out on the chance to see Coke memorabilia either. The huge exhibit includes a 4D theater and a guided tour that will help you learn more about this beloved beverage.

High Museum of Art
With over 12,000 art pieces, the High Museum of Art is one of Atlanta's more important attractions. View the 19th and 20th century art, check out the seasonal exhibits and listen to a lecture.

Fox Theater
The 1928 built Fox Theater will make you feel just like a star. The theater hosts a huge number of film related events all throughout the year, and Broadway musicals are also being played here. Furthermore, the location is available for rent and makes for the ideal wedding venue.

Stone Mountain Park
The famous mountain enables you to have a good morning workout on the trails, but also get an amazing view of the city, Along with that, you can also Stone Mountain Park features a large amusement park where kids can play.

Georgia Aquarium
You cannot end your visit to Atlanta without going to to the Georgia Aquarium at least once. The aquarium is the largest in the entire world, and hosts a huge variety of sea creatures. View the different species of sharks and whales, or attend one of the dolphin programs.