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Traveling offers some of the most amazing experiences a person can wish for. There are cases in which a dream vacation turned into a nightmare, however there can be several reasons for this to happen. One of the most obvious one is not doing proper research on the destination or not booking through a reliable agent. Currently there are two types of traveling agencies: the ones found online and the ones found offline.

Those who are interested in traveling have more options when booking through a website. A booking site work with more service providers and are able to provide vacations for more destinations around the world.

A site like Bookit it more than a regular travel agency. Its users have the possibility of:
-making hotel reservations,
-rent a car to use at their destination,
-buy round-trip airplane tickets,
-buy train tickets.
Depending on where you want to go, renting a car might be a life and money saver.

Surely Bookit is not the only booking agency around, however not all the sites offer the possibility of combining 2 or more services in a package:
- airplane and hotel room,
- airplane and car,
- airplane, car, and hotel room.
These packages are aimed at those who want to pay less for their travel experience. Those who want to save some money while traveling should check out the site's special section where discounted holidays can be found. However, these special offers usually have a time limit, therefore you have to act fast. Some of the offers on this page also promote the destinations most requested by other visitors as well. If many people select a certain destination it must be because they hope to have a good time, or they've been there before and had an amazing experience. Remember that popular tourist places are usually more expensive than the ones receiving fewer visitors.

One of Bookit’s most useful feature is the one letting you see a range of activities you can enjoy once you reach your destination. This feature is very useful for those who want to go to a new place and try out new things. This is a very simple search tool and the first step is to select your destination. You can additionally select specific dates as well for more precise information. You'll want to use this search tool if:
-you dislike crowds and you want to avoid them
-you want to travel for a specific event, like a certain festival or to be able to enjoy a season specific activity.
-you hope to go when there are less tourists, therefore taking advantage of lower prices when going out to have fun or for shopping.

Bookit is a website for anyone living in United States and wanting to travel around North America, but a few other destinations are also included. Perhaps the destinations seem limited, but there are plenty to choose from while allowing the staff running the site to have a closer collaboration with the hotels, car rental and airway companies, and therefore offering a really good customer experience.