Top 10 places to visit in Boston

  • By Richars G
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Massachusetts’ main city tells a story about its roots with its architectural buildings and eclectic crowd. The chill but at the same time urban atmosphere makes for the perfect vacation, regardless of the season. These are the top 10 places to visit in Boston if you got curious.

Check out The Freedom Trail
The trail is here ever since the Revolutionary War, and you can take a guided tour in order to see all the attractions. If you don't like guided tours, another idea is to make your own itinerary and explore on your own.

Go to the Faneuil Hall
The Hall is a building encompassed within 4 levels. The ground floor features market stalls where you can buy souvenirs, while the fourth level is occupied by a museum. The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Museum includes memorabilia and artillery coming from the 19th century. The marketplace includes restaurants and shops where you can stop buy and have coffee at.

Visit Boston Common Park
The park is the city's oldest, and its easy to reach downtown location draws in numerous tourists. Best Common features varied attractions such as monuments. If you want to experience something different, take a ride in the famous Swan Boats available here.

Go to Beacon Hill
This rich and old neighborhood features architectural homes, stores and amazing views. You will get the chance to see how locals used to live in the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as get a taste of the art.

Take a tour of the Harvard University
The famous Harvard University has its headquarters in Boston, and guided tours are available on a weekly basis. The location also includes the Harvard Square, where you can grab an ice cream and mingle with the students.

Visit Copley Square
Copley Square includes the architectural Trinity Church, as well as the main Boston Public Library. These monuments are worth a trip when you're in town, and the Renaissance architectural style of the buildings is something you may not want to miss out on.

Take a trip to Fenway Park
This sports complex is one of the most famous in the US. Fenway Park is open for guided or private tours, and you should check out the Green Monster wall when you're there.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Fans of art have many places to visit and discover in Boston. One of these is the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, where you can get to see Egyptian sculptures dating back to the ancient times. Along with that, the museum also features a large selection of American paintings.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum tours
This off the wall museum includes more than 2000 pieces of art, including sculptures. If you visit in summer, you should consider taking a walk through the rose garden and maybe take some pictures of the place.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boston's main orchestra is the place to go in order to listen to an amazing performance in Symphony Hall. Outdoor performances take place in summer, when you can simply sit on the grass and enjoy the music.