What You Can Take On An Airplane

Flying is stressful and knowing there are limits to the products and things you can bring with you, only adds to the stress. It is not rare to hear people complaining they weren’t aware they could bring this or that item, and they actually needed it. Fret not, because now you’re going to learn more about the things you might not know you can take on an airplane, so you’ll be super prepared next time you fly. Just don’t be taken aback by the oddity of some of the stuff on this list.

Sport equipment
Sport equipment include bikes, kayaks, snowboards, and surfboards, depending on your destination. Even if you now know you can bring these things, you should still do a little research on the policies of each airline regarding these items. You will avoid nasty surprises concerning the fees or the need to fold them.

Your camping stove
Maybe it is not ideal to bring it with you in the cabin, but it doesn’t mean you can’t fly with it. You will have to clean it well, make sure it has no fuel, and that it is well packed, especially around the edges. Having your bike, and your camping stove will sure help you cut down on some expenses.

Human remains
This item is creepy and morbid to say the least, but sometimes relocating them is the only option. To be able to check in any human remains, the body must be cremated and the ashes must be stored in a container made of wood, plastic, or cardboard. Other materials like glass or metal will not be allowed. Make sure to check the airline policy as well.

Various sharp items
As weird and dangerous as it sounds, you can fly with saws or various types of scissors, if you think they will be needed in your trip. However, while properly sheathed scissors are OK to bring in the cabin, you will need to check in the saw. Remember to properly wrap it as well to avoid accidents in your bags or in other passengers’ bags.

Various types of foods
You can bring the cake, pie, and baby food with you in the cabin, but make sure to carefully pack those bottles of wine. Mothers that breastfeed can also bring baby formula and even breast milk they collected previously, in the quantity they find fit. Be warned that the cake and pie might be checked a little before receiving the security’s approval.

These include small guns and martial arts weapons. However, the guns must be unloaded, the ammo must be placed in a hard shell container just like the gun. You most likely already keep safe your martial arts weapons, and this is how they will also travel. You should know that weapons should go only in the checked luggage.

There are a few more articles you can take with you in the carry on, or in the checked in bags. You better check the laws and rules concerning those items, before you book your flight, just so you can be on the safe side.