When traveling abroad, either on holiday or for a business trip, you want to book a hotel group that you know you will get exactly what you want and need. It can be difficult to locate the correct place at the right destination with so many to choose from, not to mention time consuming. Here we have compiled a list of ten reasons we should book at Carlson, read on to learn more. You won’t regret it.

Carlson deals strictly with world class, international hospitality and travel, a family-owned travel company that is a global leader. This is our first reason to book with Carlson, as well as the fact that they have more than 1,350 hotels worldwide. They are also the world’s premiere business travel management company and are truly world-class leaders in hospitality and travel.

The second reason why we should book at Carlson is for those business travelers. By using the Carlson Wagonlit travel you can get special benefits and savings. For CWT clients, there is an app so you can stay updated on the go, the easy to use app gives you premium features at no cost to your company or yourself. This app makes life so much simpler for everyone who uses the Carlson company, especially business clients.

The third reason for using Carlson is the amount of choice they offer. In addition, they offer world famous, recognizable brands such as Park Inn, Park Plaza, Radisson, Radisson, Red, Radisson Blu, Quorvus Collection, Country Inns and Suites and more. This means that they are not only the best for business travel, but all types of travel, including families, singles and couples.

Everything Carlson does is for everyone’s benefit, including the planet. Carlson makes a point of not only keeping every customer satisfied, but of things in an Eco friendly manner, reducing negative impacts on our environment. They also go above and beyond for their employees, investors and partners.

The fifth reason for booking with Carlson is pricing. Competitively priced hotels, and locations make this a first choice with millions of customers. You can find cheaper, but these will usually be farther away from airports, or their standards will not come close to Carlson.

If, you own a company where your employees, or partners need to travel often you cannot do better than using Carlson Wagonlit. Your workforce can get access to the best air travel fares and hotel rates, so they can worry more about the job in hand rather than travel headaches and bookings. CWT provides a wide range of tools to help your travelers manage their trip preferences and details.

The seventh reason for using Carlson is the convenience for families. It’s always difficult to find the ideal fares, hotel rates, and locations when it comes time for family vacations. Carlson can make this, so easy for families they come back year after year. In addition, this is mainly due to their vast experience and knowledge and knowing how to accommodate families who are wanting a once in a lifetime vacation.

The eighth reason is Carlson also has some of the best rewards programs around. If you’re spending money anyway, especially on trips, airfare and hotel rooms, then it helps if there is a good rewards program in place. Club Carlson has a range of rewards programs which you should check out before booking, or inquire about while booking as this can mean big discounts, or free stays in the future.

Our ninth reason for booking with Carlson is they are on-line friendly. Meaning they have everything you need to book your vacation on the Internet, and it’s so easy. Checking out your hotel, and rates without even leaving the comfort of your home, or office makes it considerably easier, and a lot less stressful than with other over rated companies.

The tenth reason for booking with Carlson is simply because they have more choice in everything. With more hotels in more countries, you will always find the right flight, and hotel instead of settling for second best. You can cancel, or change your booking online, get discounts for booking early, and all the while Carlson and their brands make it so easy for you, the customer.

There are many reasons for choosing to go with Carlson, too many to list all of them in just one article. However, listing only some of the reasons you should use Carlson is, so that you can make an informed decision, and discover how this can be a breath of fresh air for you if you’ve used travel companies before that haven’t lived up to your expectations. Don’t forget to ask about rewards, discounts, and amenities when booking with Carlson, they are there to help.