The 5 reasons to visit Cusco

  • By Mary L
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Maybe you need some reasons to go to Peru, and here are 5 reasons to visit Cusco!

Take a cooking class
If you want to learn how to cook, consider a local cooking class. Some hotels in Cusco offers lessons periodically, and you will get to learn more about the cooking traditions in the city. What you will prepare depends on the restaurant's style, and you can eat the dishes you prepared after the lesson is over. Furthermore, the classes are small so you could make a few new friends.

Visit San Pedro Market
This food market is the best place to be when you are hungry. The locals prepare the food right in front of your eyes, but you should probably consider a guided tour in order to find the best stalls.

Go to Choco Museo
Everyone loves chocolate, and Cusco features its own chocolate museum full of treats. Additionally, visitors can learn about the origins of cocoa and chocolate, along with enjoying some fresh bonbons and cakes. Workshops are available here as well, so if you are a fan of chocolate don't hesitate to attend one. After you had enough, head over to a cafe nearby for a bite or a cup of coffee.

See the animals
Cusco is a place where alpacas reside, and you can see them with your own eyes at  Awana Kancha. If you love animals, drive there in order to feed the animals and spend a fun day outside the city. Beside taking pictures of the alpacas you can also attend a textile dying class, which is a part of the Peru tradition.

Go on a hike
Just outside Cusco you will find numerous hiking trails with a gorgeous view. You may also enjoy other activities like horseback riding, fishing and swimming. The region is rich in beautiful fauna and flora, so you will come back with some amazing memories.