Top 10 places to visit in Denver

  • By Richars G
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The historical and architectural looking buildings are what makes Denver so different than other city. From museums to shopping and sightseeing, you will not have a minute to get bored during your trip. Denver's trendy vibe is mixed with a rich history and fun nightclubs.

Check out the downtown area
Denver's chic but historical downtown area provides the perfect opportunity for shopping and people watching. Visit 16th Street Mall for a fast shopping trip, and don't forget to pass by the famous Tattered Cover bookstore.

Visit the Denver Aquarium
One of the city's main attractions, the aquarium is the place where over 500 species of sea life reside. Along with that, you will get the chance to see coral lagoon exhibits, as well as pet the stingrays.

Stroll through the Botanical Gardens
The city features several botanical gardens that provide the perfect setting for a morning walk. The gardens also include a spot where live music performances are being held in summer. If you recognize this place, it's probably because it has been featured in numerous movies over the years.

Go to the Morrison National History Museum
Maybe you have a knack for history, and in that case you can feed your intellect with a tour of this museum. You can learn more about how the dinosaurs used to live, but also watch amazing movie projections.

Visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Are you in the mood for something science related? The Museum of Nature & Science mixes facts with fiction. You may enjoy seeing an astronomy presentation, or experience the fabulous Great White Shark 3D exhibit for yourself.

Enjoy sports at the Coors Field
Maybe you enjoy baseball, so head over to the Coors Field to watch a game. The stadium is pretty new, but many famous teams play here already. If you want to get preferential treatment, check out the VIP area.

Have fun at the Water World
Just outside of the city you can find the amazing Water World. This is the biggest water park in the state, and features various attractions for children but also adults. Here you can float on the Lazy River, or choose another attractions based on your skill level.

Enjoy the city's cuisine
Denver is famed for its cuisine, and there are many places you can enjoy a breakfast or dinner at. If you want to dine in style, check out The Source. This eclectic restaurant was a warehouse in the past, and is nowadays the place where residents and tourists alike gather for a meal.

Trips to the Denver Art Museum
If you are a fan of contemporary art, the Denver Art Museum should definitely be on your list. The museum encompasses a wide selection of 19th-century photography and art for every guest to enjoy.

Visit Molly Brown House
While you are in Denver, you should take the time to learn more about the city's roots. Molly Brown House is a Victorian mansion where the socialite used to spend her days back in the 18th century.