Family Travel On A Budget

Today’s busy lifestyle allows for little time to be spend with the family. This means that most parents look forward to vacation time to be able to bond and have some fun together. Traveling is not cheap but this doesn’t mean people should just stay at home and not try and have even a short getaway. If you’re interested in family travel on a budget, you can read the next few tips to get you started.

Choose night travel
Traveling at night is cheaper, regardless it is a bus, train, or plane. You will also cut down the accommodation costs by one night and this helps when you have to book two hotel rooms for the whole family. You might be lucky enough to have the kids sleeping throughout the flight as well.

Choose kid friendly hotels and resorts
There are two types of resorts and hotels to choose from: those that gladly accept kids and those that are intended for adults only. Family friendly locations might offer free or discounted accommodation to children under the age of 12. You really need to shop a lot online before deciding to make a reservation. Some hotels might offer various rates based on the kid’s age. Some airlines might also have special fares for kids.

Paying less for transportation
Once you reach your destination you’ll want to go places that may not be within walking distance. You will have to carefully choose your means of transportation based on several factors. They include the number of children accompanying you, the bus and taxi fares to reach your destination and then back to your hotel. A larger family would pay less when taking a taxi. You should check if you can negotiate down the price, but first find out how much you should expect to pay.

Avoid eating at restaurants
Popular travel destination usually have pricier services and restaurants. It is cheaper to buy foods and drinks from a local store than eating out every day. You would save even more when booking a hotel room with a small kitchen where you can prepare your meals. Luckily many hotels and resorts offer such accommodation options.

Pay attention to your allergies
If you travel to a country speaking a different language than your native one, learn the words for the foods and ingredients you or your family is allergic to. Bringing your allergy medication is something you shouldn’t forget if you want to avoid spend money on hospital fees.

Bring some small but useful items
These small things range from forks, spoons, fruit peeler, to a small water heating device and a mug that will help you save money on coffee, and other premade foods and drinks. Most of these items will come in handy if you want to make your own fruit salad, coffee, or tea, or open a bottle of local wine you just bought.

These are not all the tips on how to travel with your family and stay on budget, but will help you save a lot of money you can use for something more fun. Read the tips of other families that traveled on a budget to find out more original ideas.