Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is based out of the United States. Its main hub is located in Denver, Colorado. Its business model is based around that of a budget airline offering affordable flights within the country as well as to select locations abroad. It currently flies to 78 locations with most of them being within the United States, though it does fly to some cities in Central America as well. The main cities it focuses on in the United States are Denver, Cleveland, Trenton, and Washington D.C. It also serves as a connecting flight operator for Great Lakes Airlines in order to connect flights to cities in the Rocky Mountains area.

What advantages does Frontier Airlines have?
The main advantage that Frontier Airlines has is its low cost. Frontier Airlines flies to many of the cities in the United States for a much cheaper price than a lot of the leading and more well known airline companies. Frontier also has the advantage of being the go to air carrier for connections due to its partnerships with other airlines operating out of North America. This has helped them to raise their capital gains and invest more in their air fleet as well as focus on the quality of service which they provide.

Why should you fly with them?
The main reason that people have for choosing to fly with Frontier Airlines is the competitive pricing that they have. Though the price is less Frontier Airlines still manages to provide complimentary snacks and drinks on its shorter flights as well as complimentary full meals on longer and international flights. Frontier Airlines was also recently acquired by the private equity firm, Indigo Partners. Indigo Partners has hinted that are trying to lower the costs of Frontier Airlines even more in the future to make them an ultra low-cost airline.