Global Hyatt

When traveling at home or abroad, either for business or pleasure, Global Hyatt is definitely a company you should consider booking with. Global Hyatt are specialists in their field, which is hospitality, and with over 50 years of experience, you know you will be in safe hands. What is so special about Hyatt? Let us take a look at the top ten reasons we should book with Global Hyatt.

The first reason to book with Global Hyatt is the fact that all their hotels are based within a short distance of airports and major cities. This makes them extremely convenient for both business and pleasure. In fact, Global Hyatt have the facilities to hold your business meeting without having to leave the hotel. For pleasure seekers, there are always plenty of places of interest within a very short distance, usually walking, saving you money on taxi or train fares.

The second reason for booking with Hyatt is the ease in, which you can make your reservation with them. The person can make a reservation by phone, or just by visiting their website and filling out the reservation form. With Global Hyatt you can reserve up to two rooms.

The third reason is that you can view your rooms before making your payment. When registering on-line you will have the opportunity to view your room before you actually make the commitment. You can either find, modify, or cancel your reservation on-line too, and you even have the option of finding travel packages.

The Fourth reason for using Hyatt is the special offers, one of which is the Hyatt Gold Passport. With the Gold Passport, you can enjoy free nights and exclusive offers on to Gold Passport members. The Hyatt Gold Passport Exclusive also earns you bonus points and miles, and don’t forget to check the site often as they sometimes offer double points.

A fifth reason to book with Global Hyatt is the amenities. The amenities at Hyatt hotels is more than what you would expect, with spas, which are exceptional, special rates for future stays, and many leisure activities to suit everyone. By choosing an extra value when booking you can add even more amenities to your stay to make it so much more enjoyable, ideal for romancers.

The sixth reason for traveling with Hyatt is availability. With well over 500 properties on their portfolio you are certain to find one at the destination you’re wanting to travel to. By choosing any one of the Hyatt brands you’re sure to always find a room or property meeting your requirements.

The seventh reason for using Hyatt is simply the variety of choice. If you’re looking for a family vacation, then you can browse their selection of kid friendly vacations or family vacations. You can also choose from one of their golf vacations or even vacation ownership.

Another good reason for choosing Hyatt is our eighth, which is their responsibility in the way they treat our planet. Everyone is looking for ways to go green these days and Hyatt is no different. From using recyclable materials where possible to teaching their employees to save instead of wasting certain materials, you can read “Hyatt Thrive” on their website for more details on how they are working towards environmental sustainability, education and much more.

Our ninth reason for using Global Hyatt is special occasions. Hyatt can cater for virtually any occasion you can want, even weddings. If you want a lavish wedding or merely a small gathering, Hyatt can cater for all, you and your guests needs. Additionally with their stunning settings, and facilities, they can manage everything from start to finish, so you can simply enjoy your once in a lifetime event.

The tenth reason for booking with Hyatt is their pricing. Pricing is very competitive for everything, and you’re certainly going to be pleased with everything you’re able to get once you’re paid up with Global Hyatt. Always ask when booking about extras and what is included so you know exactly what you are getting ahead of time.

We hope this article has given you another choice when thinking of traveling abroad or at home. Global Hyatt is a one-of-a-kind group that really cares about its customers and owners alike. They care about the communities and our planet too, as well as their employees. It makes for a very welcoming atmosphere when everyone cares like Hyatt.