Hawaiian Airlines

For those planning to visit Hawaii in the near future, you may want to use Hawaiian Airlines as they have been rated number one for flights to Hawaii. Specializing in trips to this wonderful resort, you won’t find a better airline to take you to this fantastic destination. Here we have set out ten reasons we should fly Hawaiian Airlines, so read on to see if they meet your criteria.

The first reason we should fly Hawaiian Airlines is the Hawaiian vacation packages. Hawaiian getaways can save you up to 40%, and it’s worth checking the site regularly as they have bargains like trips to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaiian Island for under $800 for flight, and four nights per person. That said, there are also many other deals that change often depending on dates and destinations.

Number two on our list is the Extra Comfort Seating. With the supplemental comfort seating, you get an additional 5 inches, or longer of legroom, priority boarding, pillow and blanket, personal electrical power outlet and more. That being said, with all the extra comfort seating, you will be sure to enjoy your flight, by being more relaxed, less stressed, which thus will allow you to enjoy more once you land.

Third reason for using Hawaiian Airlines is Wedding Wings for couples looking for a wedding venue. The couple can register for Wedding Wings online, and save 10% for couples and 5% for guests, and the wedding couples can earn one way first class upgrades too. That said, the couple can also invite guests, track their bookings, and coordinate group travel.

The fourth reason for flying with Hawaiian Airlines is the HawaiianMiles program. With HawaiianMiles program, you can earn miles on all flights, purchases in store and on-line. Furthermore, earn by searching online, or earn even faster with Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard. That said spending miles can’t be any easier, use them for flights, upgrades, or premiere club membership.

Our fifth reason is Hawaiian Airlines Cruises and Travel Activities. Yes, you can additionally book cruises aboard 20 of the best cruise lines in the world, or take Atlantis submarine for a once in a lifetime close-up view of the islands and its tropical reefs. The person can save even more by adding car rental, and hotel, which can also help them to avoid time consuming delays, so they can spend more time having fun instead.

Sixth reason we should fly Hawaiian Airlines is their Gift Certificates. This is a great way to give a gift to a friend, or for yourself at a later date. In addition, you can personalize it and have it emailed to yourself or a recipient. However, There are some limitations on where they can be spent, so it is better to check details before you purchase your gift certificates, to avoid any disappointments.

The seventh reason is car rentals in Hawaii and US mainland. That said, It’s consistently better to have the flexibility of your own transport, and now you can rent cars from Hawaiian Airlines, who have established relationships with some of the best car rentals. Furthermore, the car rentals used are Hertz, Budget, Alamo, Avis, and more, so there will always be a wide choice available for you.

Eighth on our list of reasons we should fly Hawaiian Airlines is their customer service plan. Hawaiian Airlines will disclose either on the website, or ticket booth that the lowest fare may be available somewhere else if that is the case. In addition, they will also deliver baggage on time, and make every effort to return mishandled baggage within 24hrs and compensating where need be.

The ninth reason for flying with Hawaiian Airlines is treatment of passengers. Hawaiian Airlines will meet passengers essential needs, if and when there is a lengthy tarmac delay, and also allow customers to cancel bookings at least seven days prior to departure, and within 24hrs of booking without penalty. Furthermore, they will also properly accommodate disabled passengers, or passengers with special needs, especially during tarmac delays.

The tenth reason we should fly Hawaiian Airlines is the company website. The website has been made, so that you can easily search for flights, deals, rentals and more. Moreover, It is very user friendly, where the person can even manage their entire account, view reservations and receipts, and change their booking all online. Keeping that thought in mind, there is also a contact link if you need extra help along the way.

When searching for a flight to Hawaii you may want to consider going with Hawaiian Airlines. They are the best by far for trips and package deals to this wonderful picturesque land. We hope our article has helped you see that Hawaiian Airlines is worth checking out, especially if you’re looking forward to getting married, or just looking for a once in a lifetime vacation.