Healthy eating at the airport

Healthy eating at the airport

  • By Kate.L
  • Travel Tips

There are times when traveling that we have to wait for a longer time in the airport for our flight. Waiting can make anyone hungry, but most would rather not eat at all in fear the food tastes bad or is not healthy. However, many airlines reduced the food options on their crafts, therefore many restaurants appeared in most airports. If you want to learn more about healthy eating at the airport, read on!

Say no to junk food by refusing extra menu items such as fries and cookies. These foods are generally loaded with fats, sugar, and salt and bring no benefits to your body. Sugars and salt will only retain water in your organism, and this increases your risk of high blood pressure. Men suffer more from high blood pressure especially up in the air. Sandwiches are safe enough to get as long as they don't have cheese or sausage like ingredients. Various nutritionists also warn about everything that seems to be salad, as those made with tuna or chicken may also be loaded with mayonnaise. Perhaps you can ask for a vinaigrette sauce instead, or skip the dressing altogether.

Many restaurants and fast food locations are trying to offer vegetables and fruits as sides to your sandwich, and this is all you could hope for. You can't eat healthier than having most of these products as you load up on vitamins and fibers. Seek the most colorful of them and nutritionists advise on those that are dark green and orange. They say that fruits and vegetables in these colors are the ones most of us eat the least.

One of the worst mistakes everyone makes when eating is not chewing well enough. This part of the eating process is a healthy habit to develop at any point in our lives. Chewing well makes us feel as if we ate more than we actually did, and we can also digest the food easier. This simple habit reduces the feeling of being bloated and can even help reduce the feeling of anxiety some folks have when flying. If you want to have more time to enjoy your meal at the airport, make sure you know where your flight's gate is, and find an eatery next to it. Additionally, ordering smaller portions will be easier to finish before departure time and easier to digest, therefore not making you sick on the plane. This is also a good idea if you're not particularly hungry but you don't want to starve mid aid because you don't like the food they bring.

Bring snacks with you especially if you need to follow a diet as means to control an allergy or diabetes. If you don't have enough time to eat in the airport you can eat on the plane. In any case, you will know exactly what the food contains and the quantities, and will also save you some money.

All this being said, you might want to discuss with a nutritionist as well regarding the foods you definitely should avoid while in the airport and which ones you can indulge on.