Hong Kong

The 5 reasons to visit Hong Kong

  • By Mary L
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Maybe you want to travel to China, but before that take the time to read 5 reasons to visit Hong Kong.

Traditions and culture
Hong Kong is a place where old Chinese traditions are mixing with a new and fresh style. The cosmopolitan city gives you the chance to experience both at the same time. Enjoy taking photographs of the amazing Hong Kong skyscrapers, as this city features more high buildings than any other in the world.

Authentic Chinese food
You most likely ordered Chinese food before, but eating it in Hong Kong is different. Treat yourself to your favorite Chinese dishes and maybe discover new ones during your Hong Kong visit. If you like dim sum, you can find this snack pretty much all over the city no matter where you are. Hong Kong also includes numerous luxurious restaurants you might want to check out. The famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant is a must see!

Chinese festivals
Travelers who come here in autumn get the opportunity to attend many Chinese festivals. If you are lucky enough to arrive on time, go to the Moon Festival and see how locals celebrate this occasion. You will get to eat cake and have fun just like a Chinese would.

Parties and nightlife
The vibrant nightlife in Hong Kong will leave you wanting more. Check out districts like Lan Kwai Fong, where parties are taking place every weekend and not only. The city includes some amazing bars as well, and you can take the time to discover them all on your trip.

Nature and hiking
The city offers many entertainment options, but nothing quite compares to a walk in nature. If you have enough time, take a trip to Lantau Island and visit the famous Buddha statue located there. Once you are there take a tour of the Tai O village, a small fishing place that became an important attraction.