Hotel Etiquette And Tipping

When traveling, most folks would book a room at a hotel, or other location aimed at hosting visitors for the night. There is a custom saying that you should pay a little more when you receive a service that was out of extraordinary. However when staying at the hotel some staff expects to receive a small tip while others do not. If you have no idea who you’re supposed to tip, why, and how much, it is about time you learned more about the hotel etiquette and tipping.

One of the first things to notice when it comes to tipping, is the type of hotel you’re staying at. Cheaper hotels means you’ll be tipping less compared to high scale locations. Additionally, some hotels have a “no tipping” policy, but there might be a gratuity in the price you pay for your room. Asking about this aspect when booking should be alright, as to be better prepared with cash. If the hotel’s description mentions “self-service,” then again, expect to tip less personnel.

The hotel etiquette says that if a hotel employee comes to pick you up from the airport, you’re supposed to give them between 10 and 20 dollars. You’ll hear split opinions about tipping your driver: if it’s a shuttle and there are more passengers, you can give less, as the others are also expected to pay. If the driver picks only you up, then you should give him more money.

Assuming you drove yourself to the hotel, you probably are too tired to find a parking spot and you don’t even know where that is. Most hotels have some valet parking service, and the person should receive up to 5 dollars upon bringing the car. Perhaps, you’ll need their service more time, it should be OK to leave a larger tip at the end of your stay. Make sure to properly thank to all the valets helping you out.

The hotel’s concierge doesn’t usually receive a tip. The things change when they help you make reservations to various places, buying tickets, arranging for baby-sitting services. Giving them a lump sum at the end of the stay is acceptable.

You really want to tip your housekeeping staff if you really want a clean room. The money is usually left in the morning on the table, with a note. The larger and messier the room or suite, the more you should leave. Generally, 5 dollars per night should cover it.

If you get escorted to your room by the staff carrying your bags, take into consideration the size, weight, and number of bags they carried for you. If they show you around the room, you need to increase the amount. Generally, you should give 3 dollars for each larger luggage, and 1 or two dollars for each smaller and additional bag. If you need their help when you leave, make sure to tip the same amount.

The person calling for a taxi for you should receive 1 or 2 dollars. If the help out with your bags, they should receive the same amount as the belstaff.