Hotel Riu Palace Madeira

Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Hotel Riu Palace Madeira in Canico. The casual hotel is ideal for a vacation along your family or friends.

Easy to reach location
If you are searching for a hotel that is easy to reach in the area, Riu Palace Madeira is the right choice. The resort is located close to some of the town’s most important attractions, which will help you plan your vacation easier.

The restaurant and eating
The hotel features a casual restaurant that includes breakfast options, and continental breakfasts are also available. In addition to this, the hotel offers a varied menu selection for lunch and dinner. After dinner, you can choose to have a glass of wine or an original cocktail.

The rooms at Hotel Riu Palace
The hotel features fully equipped rooms and suites. The suites include kitchens, and all the rooms are furnished in a classy and modern manner. The rooms also feature Internet access, cable TV and microwaves. If you don’t have your own car, you can rent one from the reception.

Fitness center workouts
If you don’t want to give up your workout routine while on vacation, you should know that the hotel includes a fitness room. The center includes 2 saunas rooms as well, as well as treadmills and an elliptical machine.

Go to the Spa
Maybe you want to relax and enjoy a pampering massage, and in that case consider going to the Spa. Here you can take advantage of a luxurious body therapy, a scalp massage and even enjoy a couples massage with your partner.

Meetings at the business center
Even if you are on vacation, perhaps you need to host a business meeting. The meeting center contains everything you need for your event to be successful. If you want to host an important celebration or a party, these options are also available here.

Go to the Madeira Botanical Garden
If you enjoy nature and plants, all you have to do is take a trip to the Botanical Garden. The Garden is open everyday and includes many species of exotic plants and flowers, as well as weekly exhibits.

Visit Jardim Tropical Monte Palace
Jardim Tropical Monte Palace is located only 11 km away from the resort, and this gives you the chance to visit it whenever you are free. The tropical garden features a vast collection of plants, but you will also be able to learn more about Portugal’s history.

Take a trip to the Cathedral of Funchal
If you are looking for a nearby attraction to visit, check out the famous Cathedral of Funchal. The Cathedral is open to the public everyday and makes the perfect destination on a weekend.

Explore the surroundings

There is nothing more exciting than discovering a new place, so take the time to explore all that Canico has to offer. The town features numerous bars, but also cafes, restaurants and antique shops. You will come back home with some amazing memories and a refreshed spirit.