How to make travel less stressful

How to make travel less stressful

  • By Kate.L
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No doubt traveling is stressful, and the related stress starts the moment you begin looking for a destination. This doesn't mean we have to completely surrender to "stress" as we can reduce it. Learn now more about how to make travel less stressful, but be warned as some tips have to do with your habits.

Traveling with your parents is stressful
You probably did it once, and came to think it was the worst idea ever. You shouldn't dismiss this idea completely, instead communicate with them regarding the activities you want to experience together and which ones not. Discuss beforehand how will the money be spend so you won't be put in uncomfortable situations later on. Your parents or your in-laws will surely want to take care of their kid, even if this isn't needed anymore.

Why is packing ever so stressful?
The answer is easy: because you don't know what to pack, and because you leave it for the last moment. Instead, do you research and find out how the weather is going to be at your destination. Pack a few versatile clothes and of the type you know you will wear. There is no space for "I might wear it" type of thinking when packing clothes. You should always pack the night before as to have plenty of time to replace clothes. You should also always use a so called packing list, and be strict about following it.

Always use the same spots for stuff
You most likely have a designated spot for every item in your kitchen. You should do the same for everything else in the house, wallet and handbag. Creating a habit of always placing an item in a certain place means you have slimmer chances of losing it. This goes for your keys, documents, and even help when parking and then trying to find your car at the airport.

Riding the taxi stresses me out!
Sometimes is easier to ride a taxi in a city you don't know. However you do risk of being cheated and taken on a longer route simply because you're not from around. But luckily, you can avoid this with a little research and by using the GPS and map application for your smartphone model to double check the route you're on.

Being scared you're missing your flight
You cannot miss your flight if you go early to the airport. You should know you're not the only person needing to get on some plane or another. This means you're going to have to wait in line when checking your luggage in, when passing through security, and what not. Waiting for your flight to be announced can also be stressful, so bring something that can entertain you.

Your battery is low
Everyone goes through this during important moments. Make sure you pack your chargers, and place them in your carry-on bag. Hopefully you will sit next to an outlet allowing you to charge while flying. Make sure to charge your electronics throughout the night before departure to have a full battery when leaving.