The 5 reasons to visit Kathmandu

  • By Mary L
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Maybe you want to go on a trip soon, so learn the 5 reasons to visit Kathmandu.

Shop for fabrics
Kathmandu is the best place to do some shopping if you love textile fabrics. The city is full of local markets where you can find cashmere scarves and wool sweaters, as well as other pieces of clothing. Even more, you can haggle in order to get the item you want for cheaper. If you don't speak the language, consider getting a guide to help you out.

Eating out
The prices are low when it comes to eating out in Kathmandu, and the ever present street markets are a good choice for a snack on the go. You simply can't end you vacation before trying the Nepalese dumplings, and you can choose from steamed or fried ones. The selection of vegetarian food is wide here, so you will not remain hungry after a day of exploring.

Mingle with the locals
People living in Kathmandu are friendly and always up for a chat, so don't miss out on the chance to make friends. You can get into a conversation with the locals when asking for directions or when purchasing something from the markets. Either way, this could help you learn more about the culture here and come back home with a little more knowledge.

Unique transportation
Every exotic destination has something different to offer when it comes to transportation means. Kathmandu offers its own specific 3 wheeled vehicle that you can use to commute from one location to another. Furthermore, the bemo is cheap and provides for a unique experience.

Good hotels
Maybe you thought it will be difficult to find the right accommodation in Kathmandu, but this is not always the case. The city features budget friendly and comfortable hotels in any area you want.