There are plenty of various airlines we can book with to visit numerous parts of the world. However, some are better than others, and some do not fly to your destinations. For those that haven’t tried Lufthansa, you may want to consider this airline the next time you fly. We have put together a list of ten reasons we should fly Lufthansa to give you an idea of how much bigger, and better they have become in recent years.

The first reason we should fly Lufthansa is the premium economy class. This option offers, so much to the consumer currently with giving them 50% more space with specially developed seating with their own armrest, adjustable back and foot rest, fold out table and more legroom, meaning now the person can enjoy those long-haul flights. You can also take more baggage, and checking in two bags up to 23kg free of charge.

Our second reason for using Lufthansa is the inflight entertainment. There are 11, and 12-inch monitor’s built in to the seat in front of you, operated by remote control, so you can enjoy without moving out of your seat. There are also plenty of magazines with plenty of choice, and there is even a power outlet at your seat.

Third reason to go by Lufthansa is the refreshments. A separate bottle of water is at your seat, so you will always have refreshment during your flight, and with premium economy class, you will be greeted with a welcome drink. A friendly steward, or stewardess will consistently be happy to top you up if needed so you can truly relax.

Fourth reason is more delight in dining. You can take your time, and browse the menu card with its various options. In premium economy class, you even get to eat from bone China tableware making your meal that much more enjoyable.

Our fifth reason we should fly Lufthansa is the amount of great deals you can get. For instance, the winter magic in Europe trip starting from just $639 is very competitive. You could visit stunning Vienna with its castles, and palaces or gothic cathedrals in Lisbon and much more.

Sixth reason is the Miles and more programs. Free to join, this is a great program. The reason is it’s, so easy to rack up those miles, earn from over 250 partner programs, and not just for flying either, but shopping, hotels, and even a car rental can earn you miles too. You can also spend your miles on shopping, and lifestyle, hotels, car rental and gift cards.

The seventh reason for flying with Lufthansa is the user friendly website. Here you can book your flight, browse flights with ease, and search their Deals, and Offers section for some great savings. You can also keep track of your bookings, check your miles, or check the information and service’s section for information on baggage, travel preparations, or just plan your flights.

Our eighth reason for using Lufthansa is they offer more. You don’t only just have to book flights here with Lufthansa. You can also arrange for a rental car with pickup location, and date to drop off location and date. You can also book hotels here too, just by filling out the pull-down menu on their site. In addition, just choose your destination and how many rooms you want, arrival and departure dates, and they will do the rest.

The ninth reason for flying with Lufthansa is the exceptional meal’s service. With the long haul, and selected European flights you can order from 16 different special meals. Furthermore, these are meals for flyers who may prefer dietary meals due to diabetes, gluten free, low cholesterol, low sodium and many more. However, please remember that these special meals do have to be ordered when making your reservation at least 24 hours before your flight, or 48 hours for groups.

Our tenth reason we should fly Lufthansa is the well being on board section on the website. This is extremely helpful for travelers who are not used to flying. This section covers relaxation, sleeping and seminars for a relaxed flight. The seminar can show you what may be the cause of your fear of flying, and how to feel more relaxed when flying.

With so many different operators out there today, not every flight is enjoyable. Hopefully after reading our ten reasons we should fly Lufthansa you may now want to consider using them soon. Lufthansa takes pride in helping their customers, and giving them what they want for a more enjoyable experience no matter what class you choose.