The 5 reasons to visit Marrakech

  • By Mary L
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Check out the 5 reasons to visit Marrakech, an amazing tourist destination in Morocco.

Go on a desert tour
If you visit Marrakech, you can easily find tours in order to see the desert. You will get to spend a few days riding camels, and engage in various exciting activities. Every tour is different, and the varied options are enough to satisfy even the most picky tourist.

Visit the traditional markets
You should definitely not end your visit to this city until you get to experience the markets and souks located at every step. You can get the chance to purchase hand crafted kitchenware, plates and other accessories. Furthermore, you will also be able to find intrinsic jewelry and various home ornaments. If you're searching for a gift, you will surely find it here.

See Djemaa el Fna
This important touristic attraction is the reason why many people all over the world come back to Marrakech every year. This famous square is the perfect place to be at night, when live music performances take place. Furthermore, Djemaa el Fna is the place where fortune tellers and snake charmers get together in order to put on a great show for anyone watching.

Visit Museum de Marrakech
The city is rich in history, so don't miss out on the opportunity to experience its art first hand. Museum de Marrakech displays numerous pieces of art dating from the old times, but also contemporary art. Take some pictures of the amazingly carved doors and learn how people here used to live centuries ago.

Go to the The Saadian Tombs
The Tombs have been opened to the public for several decades, and are an important attraction in Marrakech. Spend some time watching the tiles, read the Arabic scripts and let yourself be taken by the beauty of this place.