Top 10 places to visit in Miami

  • By Richars G
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The vibrant city features an array of things to do and see, some of which can be experience first hand on a trip. Miami is a place where the cultures mix, and the vibrant Latin influences add color as well as life to the city.

Experience the Art Deco district
Miami Beach is a pace you should see at least once in your life. The Art Deco buildings attract millions of visitors every year, and the luxury of the place is reminiscent of the old time. Take a walk on Ocean Drive and notice the historic structures on the way.

Check out Bayside Marketplace
If you are in the mood for a good dose of shopping but not only, visit the Bayside Marketplace mall. The mall encompasses numerous designer stores, as well as souvenir shops. Along with that, here you can sit and have a coffee or lunch when you get tired. The mall also features an amazing ocean view which draws in many people everyday.

Go to Zoo Miami
Zoo Miami is Florida's oldest zoo and perhaps also its richest. This is the place where over 2000 animals live, and the location makes for the perfect family trip. You may get the chance to see a seasonal exhibit or simply enjoy the atmosphere. The zoo is open everyday from 9 an and until 5.30 pm.

Go to Little Havana
If you are interested in learning more about the Latin culture, Little Havana is the place to go. Little Havana features many Mediterranean-style houses as well as ice cream shops for your enjoyment. The area gathers together many people, so you might get the chance to socialize and make new friends here.

Have dinner at The Forge
Tourists who are interested in luxury dining can experience it at its fullest at The Forge. The restaurant is the most elegant and lavish in town, and reservations are always required.

Visit Key Biscayne
Miami is a lively city, but if you need to relax and spend some intimate moments head over to the Keys. The sandy beach and blue waters will rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
The museum is one of the city's greatest treasures. The Gardens feature numerous pools and sculptures you can take pictures of, as well as an authentic architecture style.

Take a trip to the Bayfront Park
The Park includes 3 of the city's most important monuments, but also an amphitheater where live performances take place. This place looks spectacular regardless of the time of the day.

Take a tour of the Jungle Island
Jungle Island is a natural habitat where over 1000 species of birds reside. Along with that, you will also get the chance to see tigers, monkeys and many other species.

Check out the Venetian Pool
The historical pool is one of the city's most important landmarks. Having been finished in 1923, the pool is nowadays open to the public. Take the time to see the fabulous waterfalls, enjoy the tropical setting and maybe take a few nice photos.