New York City

The 5 reasons to visit New York City

  • By Mary L
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If you are considering a trip anytime soon, here are 5 reasons to visit New York City.

Go to Times Square
You should see Times Square at least once in your life, as this square alone is enough reason to visit the city. This place was featured in numerous movies and music videos, and now you can see it with your own eyes. Times Square is packed with restaurants, stores and cafes you may want to check out.

Broadway shows
Your New York visit will be that much more exciting if you attend a Broadway show. The theater performances here will leave you breathless, and the glamour of this place is something you must see. You may have problems deciding on a single show, so check out the performance schedule in order to decide.

The food and restaurants
New York City has a plethora of restaurants you can choose from. Most of them are open at any hour, so you can even enjoy a slice of pizza at 4 am. Try the popular bagels and pretzels, or opt for a gourmet meal at a stylish restaurant. You will most likely not have enough time to visit all the restaurants in the city, so pick wisely.

Go to Central Park
If you feel like taking a walk in the park, Central Park offers everything you need. The huge park is a great weekend destination where you can have a picnic or listen to a live performance. In addition to that, you can head over here whenever you want to take a morning walk.

Go out for some shopping
Every designer has a store open in New York City, but it will also be easy to find affordable brands. Check out the stylish designer boutiques, and maybe you will be lucky enough to catch some sample sales.