If you want to visit Eastern Europe, these are the 5 reasons to visit Prague.

The city’s architecture
Prague’s amazing architecture is the main reason why tourists all over the world visit this city. The stylish buildings mix the old with the new, and thus make for great photographs to show friends back home. Take a stroll through the city’s downtown area and enjoy seeing the Gothic and Baroque styles in all of their splendor.

Go to Prague Castle
The castle is open everyday regardless of the season, so you don’t have to worry about missing the chance to see it. Prague Castle may require more than one trip, as the building is huge and features numerous things to do. Visit the St. Vitus Cathedral, and consider a guided tour that will take you through the castle’s main attractions.

Reasonable prices
Unlike many other European cities, Prague is not overly expensive. You can get to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee and a dessert for quite cheap, and admire the views while you are at it. Don’t forget to check out the numerous restaurants that serve traditional dishes, and perhaps learn more about the city’s historical roots.

Go to Dancing House
Although this building is relatively new, it has quickly become one of Prague’s main highlights. Its intrinsic design and minimal architecture will have to spend the day here, so pass by the Celeste Restaurant and enjoy a gourmet meal after your visit it over.

Enjoy the nightlife
Prague is famed for its colorful nightlife which can be compared to the one of London and Paris. The bars are open all night long, and you can enjoy a local beer or a glass of wine. In addition to that, the city is the host of many live performances and music events over the summer. Your trip will surely not end up disappointed!