Privacy Policy

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Privacy Matters
Data gotten from website visitors:
Just like other websites, we store log files on the webserver and save data like the client or visitor’s type of browser, IP address, time they visited, and the page they were referred from.
We also may use cookies to recall visitor or client preferences while the website is interacted with. In the places we require someone to register, we will also maintain the visitor or client’s email and their username on our webs server.
How Data is used:
The data is used to improve the client or visitor’s experience while they use our website to show personalized content, and conceivably also show advertising. We will not sell, rent or lease a client or visitor’s email address to any third parties. We may, however, use the email addresses to send the client or visitor news about our travel services or to send out info on offers by us or our affiliates.
Visitor Choices
If someone subscribes to any of the Travelado services, they are allowed to unsubscribe by doing what the instructions say in the email they get. A visitor can block our cookies through the settings on their browser if they desire, but this can keep them from accessing some of the features of the Travelado website.
Cookies are tiny digital signature files stored by a client or visitor’s web browser that let their preferences get recorded as they browse the Travelado site and could also be employed to track any return visits to the site. Third party marketing companies could additionally use tracking cookies.