Qatar Airways

When looking for flights we can easily get overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there today to select from. Sometimes, we just want to try something different, or we are not happy with previous operators, so who do you choose? Qatar Airways may be worth a second look, so we have put together ten reasons we should fly Qatar Airways, we encourage you to read our article to see if this may be what you’re looking for on your next trip too.

The first reason we should fly Qatar Airways is because they have more destinations. With over 140 destinations worldwide, Qatar is sure to have a destination for you. Flights to most major cities mean you do have a choice, and you don’t have to settle for second best.

Our second reason for using Qatar Airways is the Business Class. There is so much in business class we can’t put it all here, like open space design with generous storage, laptop power and USB plug. That said, stay connected with WI-FI with uninterrupted service, or multitask with the world’s first dual screen on board the B787, play a game or watch a movie and a lot more too.

Third reason for flying Qatar Airways is the holiday savings. You can fly from the US to over 140 destinations, and enjoy five star service from as little as $730. There is plenty of space to stretch out in their Boeing 777 aircraft as well as over 1,000 entertainment options with their in-flight entertainment system, and you can check their site for current offers and savings.

Fourth is the business-class cuisine created by four master chefs. That said, their meals are uniquely designed not only for flavors and spices, but also taking into account how your taste buds alter at 30,000 feet. Moreover, with all freshly prepared meals, and perfect complements with a range of signature drinks, you can further let them know in advance of your special dietary needs easily, and they will accommodate you.

Our fifth choice for flying Qatar is the entertainment. With over 1,000 options, you can watch movies, television, play games and much more; they have the biggest Blockbuster movies, and even the Tom Cruise Collection. For those that need to do business while flying they can always send, and receive email, SMS or MMS messages or use on air GSM/WiFi to browse the Internet with their laptop or smart phone.

The sixth reason for flying Qatar Airways is their on board duty-free shopping. They have an in flight duty free magazine where you can browse and buy cosmetics, jewelry, fashion accessories, fragrances, watches, perfumes and more. In addition, the person can view their magazine online and pre order their duty-free shopping to make sure they are not disappointed, and their purchases will be delivered to their seat, how’s that for convenience?

Seventh reason is the economy class. For seven consecutive years, their cabin crew was voted best in the middle east, not surprising as they go the extra mile to keep you happy, and comfortable on your flight. With more space, lots of entertainment as mentioned previously, a chance to work if you need to, five star cuisine, and they will even take care of your kids with a sponge-bob kit filled with fun things to do.

The eighth reason for flying Qatar Airways is the first class. As you would expect you’re treated like royalty with celebrity chef signature dishes, ultra comfortable flat bed in a first-class cabin with plenty of storage too. In addition, transform your area into a workplace easily if, you need to get some work done. The person can use the available laptop power, and on air mobile services, that can help you to be ready for it all when you touch down.

Ninth on our list is the fly healthy fly fit guide. When flying, especially long haul it is important to stay fit, and active. Now, you can download their fitness guide online, which shows you in flight exercises to encourage blood flow and calm the mind. In addition, It will also show you the rare danger of deep-vein thrombosis, which is easy to avoid if you follow a few simple steps.

The tenth reason we should fly Qatar Airways is the on-line check-in they offer. That said, this can save you a bunch of time, and you can check in on-line, choose your seat, print your boarding pass and more. Moreover, the on-line check-in opens 24hrs before departure, and you can even use your iPad, Android, or laptop to use the app to use the on-line check-in too.

As you can see with Qatar Airways it’s like flying in a hotel. Plenty of comforts, extras, amenities, excellent service, and fantastic cuisine can make for a flight you look forward to. We hope our ten reasons we should fly Qatar Airways has helped you notice there are other options out there, and that Qatar is worth checking out.