The 5 reasons to visit Rome

  • By Mary L
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Here are the 5 reasons to visit Rome, Italy. This city is visited by millions of tourists each year, so you will not regret seeing it.

Great shopping trips
Rome is the Mecca of shopping, and you may enjoy spending a lazy afternoon browsing the shops on Via del Corso. If you want to get a better deal, check out the stalls and the numerous shopping malls in the city. Rome is also known for its outlet malls, so you will probably get your hands on some great items.

The restaurants and eating
Everyone loves Italian food, and experiencing it firs hand offers a unique sensation. Visit the many eateries, cafes and restaurants in the city's downtown and historical areas. You can enjoy a slice of traditional pizza, try an amazing pastry or have a fresh cup of coffee while watching the crowd.

Visit the landmarks
Rome is a very old city which was built in the ancient times. If you want to learn more about its history, take the time to visit some of its landmarks. Go to the Colisseum in order to see where the gladiators used to fight, and check out the old Roman City when you have the time.

Visit Fontana di Trevi
This important touristic attractions is one of Rome's most visited sites. You can throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish, but also take some great pics with your friends or family. The sculptures surrounding the fountain are a fabulous sight that will not forget anytime soon.

Budget friendly city
While Rome offers many luxury hotels that are quite expensive, you will not have any problems in finding affordable accommodation. The city is full of small hotels and hostels where you can spend a few days or weeks without making a hole in your budget.