San Francisco

Top 10 places to visit in San Francisco

  • By Richars G
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This Northern Californian city is well known for its lively neighborhoods and modern atmosphere. San Francisco features the popular Golden Gate Bridge, as well as numerous shopping districts.

Golden Gate Bridge
This is the most well known bridge in the entire world, and thus made an appearance in numerous TV series and movies. If you don't own or rented a car, you may be happy to know that the bridge also features a pedestrian walk. Bikers are also allowed to cross it, and the view over the city makes the bridge an important attraction.

Cable car riding
If you never tried to ride a cable car, you get the chance to do it in San Francisco. The cable cars have been around ever since the 19th centuries, and remain a popular attraction and something unique to San Francisco.

Visit Alcatraz
The prison is not located in the city, so you will need to take a ferryboat that will leave you on the island. Alcatraz, dubbed ''The Rock'' is the place where no prisoner was ever able to escape from. If you want to see it, you should know daily tours are available.

Visit Pier 39
If you want to see an amazing view of the ocean but also have fun, Pier 39 is the best place to go. You will get the chance to get a good view of the sea lions, after which you can grab a coffee or try the sea food available at the restaurants. Pier 39 also offers shopping opportunities, and here you could find the right gift for a friend back home.

Go shopping in Union Square
Maybe you are a fashionista, so don't forget paying a visit to the shops in Union Square. The world's most well known brands have stores opened here, so browse through the selection and take your pick.

Viist North Beach
San Francisco is still a Californian city first and foremost, and a trip to the beach could be just what you need. North Beach also includes the city's Italian side, with its many restaurants where you can grab a pizza or lasagna.

Go to Chinatown
There are many cities that include their own Chinatown, but nothing like the one in San Francisco. Chinatown encompasses 24 blocks, and you should consider walking through it in order to experience everything it has to offer.

Dining out
Such a large city as San Francisco does not disappoint tourists when it comes to food. The local produce and fresh foods will make you want to return here on your next vacation. Try one of the diverse styles and check out the city's highest rated restaurants.

Enjoy the nightlife
Check out places in districts like Mission for the chance to truly enjoy the city's colorful nightlife. San Fran is famous for its live events and jazz clubs, so take a night off to listen to some music and have a delicious cocktail.

Visit the museums
After so much shopping and clubbing, take the time to get educated by visiting some museums. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a must see, and so is the Asian Art Museum.