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What do you worry the most about when you plan a vacation, or need to travel? Surely most of you will answer that paying more for the airplane tickets or for the accommodation, is one of the biggest fears when booking. Most likely, the majority reading this wish for an easy to use website that can compare the prices of as many hotels and airway companies as possible. But, such a site does exist, and not just one, but several of them! One of these websites is Skyscanner, and as you can see its name is rather suggestive.

Skyscanner is not a website for room or tickets reservations, but for comparing prices. Furthermore, if you wanted a search engine that would collect and compare the fees not only for hotel rooms and airplane tickets, but for car rentals as well, then this is the tool you’ve been searching for. Users from more than 30 countries can read the site in their native tongue - this is a helpful and wanted feature by both website owners and visitors alike. The site and search engine itself are very easy to use and the travelers are split into 3 age categories: under 2, under and over 12.

When finding a low airfare, travelers are directed to the airway company selling those tickets. In addition to all these perks, Skyscanner visitors can also read travel related news and tips. The tips can be very useful for those who want to go on a holiday but aren’t sure about the destination. If you want to access the site while on the go, its developers also created some smartphone apps to make things even more easy for its users. The applications are available for all smartphones no matter their operating system: iOS, Android, or Windows. The site and its apps are all free of any charges.

Skyscanner became a popular site soon after its 2001 launch. Its extensive comparing and search features are unmatched by any other site. Many reviews agree that this is the best site you could possibly use for comparing prices. Its features are a great solution for last minute deals, whenever you don't have the time to do a solid search in various places.

The site also includes good customer support features that you can use whenever you need info. The live support is available 24/7. You can talk to a customer service rep in a language of your choice. Skyscanner is focused on satisfying its international customers and provides an enjoyable search experience.

Skyscanner features a special section with the year's most popular destinations. If you haven't decided where to go on a vacation as of yet, check out the section for ideas. The site provides info on which are the best periods to book, depending on the location. Most of the flights are low cost, so this search engine is perfect for people who would rather save money.

The company provides an easy to browse website and good travel search options.