Sol Nessebar Palace

If you want to visit Nessebar, here are the top 10 reasons to visit Sol Nessebar Palace. If you always wanted to see the Bulgarian seaside, here is your chance to do it.

Go to the beach
If you stay at Sol Nessebar, you will be able to reach the beach by foot. The beach is located only 6 minutes away from the resort, and is the perfect place to spend a morning at. Enjoy the atmosphere, eat an ice cream and maybe try a new sport you may enjoy.

The rooms at Sol Nessebar
The hotel provides comfortable rooms or any budget. You can choose a suite or a deluxe room, based on your personal preferences. More than this, each room is equipped with internet connectivity, but also fridges and microwaves.

The restaurants and eating
If you don’t know where to eat, the hotel offers 9 restaurants to choose from. Each of them offers something different in terms of cuisine, and you should also consider visiting the bars after you meal. In addition to that, the hotel also provides a buffet and a coffee shop.

Go to the pool
Maybe you want to relax and enjoy a beautiful day, so head over to the pool for a swim. The pool can be visited by kids as well as adults, and features a bar where you can have refreshments. When the weather is too cold for the outdoor pool, you can always visit the indoor one.

Visit the area
Nessebar is a great place to visit in summer, so take the time to explore it and engage in some of your favorite activities. The Black Sea is amazing in summer, and the city also offers several attractions you may like to see.

Go shopping
If you are in the mood for some retail therapy, head over to town in order to find some souvenir and accessories places. You can search for a cool swim suit if you don’t already have one, and maybe find a piece of antique you like.

Kids’ water park
If you are on vacation with your kids, take them on a trip to the water park. The water park includes slides and other attractions and is the perfect destination for a sunny day.

Fitness and exercise
keeping in shape is easy when you are on vacation, and the hotel provides a gym packed with all the needed equipment. You can spend a few hours here doing a cardio workout or simply visit the sauna room. In addition to that, fitness classes are also available.

Visit the Spa
Relax and pamper yourself with a day to the Spa. The hotel’s spa features not only luxurious body treatments, but also tanning beds that will help you get a nice tan without exposing yourself to the damaging sun rays.

Events and meetings
Do you need to host an important meeting? In that case, check out the hotel’s conference room. The meeting space can be used for any type of event such as birthday parties or anniversaries, and you can also ask for a personalized catering menu.