Southwest Airlines

For travelers living in the US who prefer domestic flights, then Southwest Airlines could be for you. Southwest has, for the most part, flown to destinations in the US, although they have recently started to fly international to Mexico and the Caribbean. If, you’re looking for an airline that has very competitive rates, then read our list of 10 reasons we should fly Southwest Airlines, you may be surprised.

The first reason we would fly with Southwest Airlines is the EarlyBird Check-In. The EarlyBird Check-In allows you to automatically check in before the general 24-hour check in. This gives you an early boarding position allowing you to get your favorite seat, and get your luggage stowed away with ease. In addition, you will more likely receive an A boarding pass though it’s not guaranteed.

Second reason on our list when choosing Southwest Airlines is Business Select. Moreover, business select gives you priority boarding with a guaranteed A1-15 boarding position. The person will also get FlyBy where you can get through security checkpoints faster too. Additionally, the individual will receive a coupon for a free premium drink, and get double points for Rapid Rewards members when using the business select option.

Our third reason for flying with Southwest Airlines is the Wi-Fi and entertainment. That said, Wi-Fi is charged at $8 per day per device, and the free live and on demand, television is via Dish. Furthermore, with 20 channels of live entertainment, and 75 TV episodes, where available, there is always something to watch.

Fourth on our list of reasons we should fly Soutwest Airlines is the vacation themes. That said, using their on site you can shop for your vacation by theme, you can select from Beach packages, Culture packages, Romantic, Family, Skiing, Gambling packages and many more. Moreover, searching by theme can sometimes make your search experience quicker, and you have more opportunities to save with package deals.

Fifth reason for going with Southwest Airlines is their Corporate Business Travel Services. The individual can work with their Corporate sales team to identify their travel goals and needs, and they will work with you to obtain all your travel needs. That said, the person can use their free online corporate booking tool Swabiz, which makes tracking travel efficient plus much more.

Our sixth reason for using Southwest Airlines is their Group Travel option. Typically, this is for those travelers who are in groups of 10 or more; it provides discounted air fare and flexibility. Additionally, there are no minimum stay requirements, and no blackout dates, groups also have the chance to purchase refundable or non-refundable fares.

The seventh reason we should fly with Southwest Airlines is their Charter service. This is an ideal service for those who travel in groups, and have enough people to fill an aircraft, between 145 and 175 passengers. In addition, this can be perfect for schools, or weddings that have many guests, or conventions, and Southwest staff will even help you to arrange your charter and set up dates and destination with complete ease.

Our eighth reason for using Southwest Airlines is traveling with pets. Southwest does allow small cats, and dogs to travel as long as they have been vaccinated, and are in an appropriate carrier. Pets will only be allowed on a first-come first-served basis, as they just allow up to six pets on board any one plane. However, they do reserve the right to refuse a pet that shows aggressive behavior, so keep that in mind if your pet fits that characteristic.

The ninth reason we chose to fly with Southwest Airlines is traveling with infants. If, you’re traveling with a baby over 14 days old, and less than 2yrs old who is not occupying a seat they may travel free of charge. We do want to say, however, that if you are traveling with any infant, or child, to check the site for safety issues, and rules as some child seats are not allowed. That said, the person can also get boarding pass info and more on their site too.

Tenth reason for traveling with Southwest Airlines is customers with disabilities. Southwest will help anyone with disabilities, but there are certain rules that need to be adhered to for your safety. If, you are disabled, then you should check the site out beforehand, so you know what the terms ‘notice of disability’, security screening, wheelchairs and devices, peanut dust allergies, deaf, blind, medication, and oxygen or other disabilities are ahead of time, so you can be fully prepared.

With Southwest Airlines, they do have everything you need in an airline to make your travel pleasant and affordable. In addition, they have covered everything from disabled flyers to corporate business, to pets, and infants as well as getting you to your destination in a timely manner, most times sooner than you expected. Nonetheless, we do hope our list of 10 reasons we should fly Southwest Airlines has given you a reason to check them out further.