St. Petersburg

Russia can be an amazing destination, and these are the 5 reasons to visit St. Petersburg. This city’s glamour will take your breath away.

Art and architecture
St. Petersburg features some of the world’s most architectural buildings, along with numerous art museums. Visit the St Petersburg Street Art Museum in order to see some great street art, or simply stroll through the city’s streets and admire the buildings. If you are in the mood for more classic art, Hermitage Museum is the place to go.

The gorgeous parks
A walk in nature is always fun and recharging, and St Petersburg offers many parks where you can have a picnic. Go to the Lower Park, the city’s largest and most beautiful park for a walk and some pictures. You will love seeing the dragon sculptures and chess board designs in this park!

Go on a Canal Cruise
St Petersburg offers Canal Cruises in summer, and you will feel just like in Venice. Enjoy sailing and watch the city from a boat, while the guide talks about the history of the place. If you have never visited St. Petersburg before, a cruise will help you get acquainted with its landmarks.

Do some shopping
If you like designer goods and accessories, you may be glad to learn that St. Petersburg is a great shopping destination. Here you will find brands like Dior and Gucci, but also several jewelry shops like Swarovski and Cartier. You cannot go wrong with buying a souvenir, so treat yourself to a shopping spree.

Check out the bars
The city is not only famous for its architecture but also the electric nightlife. Consider a stylish cocktail at an upscale bar like Khroniki, or enjoy a beer at a downtown bar. St. Petersburg is the ideal party destination, so head into town for a night of dancing.