10 places to go while airfares are low

Summer vacations are fun, and you can have an amazing adventure even if you are on a budget. Luckily, there are many destinations where flights are cheaper this year compared to the last. Take a look at a list of cities where you can go and have some fun for less.

Chicago: this city is great to visit not only because of its urban setting, but also many events. During summer there are many music and film festivals taking place here, and you will be able to enjoy them all. Furthermore, you can sit back and have a cup of coffee or a drink at a famous restaurant. Flights here are about 30 percent cheaper than in 2016, so don’t miss out on this chance.

Miami: If you have never visited this exotic city, now it is your chance to do so. You can visit the numerous nightclubs and restaurants, get a nice tan and of course, visit the most important tourist destinations in this city.

Orlando: Just like Miami, Orlando is a city in Florida with plenty of attractions to offer its tourists. You will get to experience the beauty of the beaches, engage in watersports and sip on a cocktail. Flights here are marked down compared to the rates last year, so don’t hesitate to plan a trip.

New York: New York is an amazing destination regardless of season, but this summer fares are much cheaper if you pick this city. New York offers a colorful nightlife, many museums you can visit for free and amazing parks.

Atlanta: maybe you want to visit the South, and in that case Atlanta is your best bet. You will get to learn more about the Southern hospitality and try some amazing dishes.

Los Angeles: the city of angels should be on the list of places to visit this summer. The fares are lower now, and the beautiful beaches and Disneyland will make your trip worthwhile.

London: maybe you think London is pricey but this is not always the case. This city is the perfect summer vacation destination these days as the fares are much lower.

Sydney: a trip to the down under will be a lot more fun if you can pay less. Take the time to explore the nightlife, the shops, as well as everything else Sydney has to offer.

San Jose: maybe you dream of an exotic destination, and Costa Rica delivers. You can simply lay down and have a cocktail on the beach, learn more about the rich culture of this place and meet new friends.

Bangkok: Thailand is a good option if you want to go somewhere far and pay less. You can find a flight that is more affordable now compared to the past years, as the fares are 26 percent cheaper. You can explore the surroundings, see the amazing temples and get a taste of the delicious traditional food. Bangkok provides a lot of fun for tourists of all ages, so don’t miss out on the chance to see it.