Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa

If you are looking for the top 10 reasons to visit Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa, read on. The beautiful area will leave you breathless and make you want to return for your next holiday.

The hotel’s location
Sunshine Corfu Hotel is located only a few steps away from the beach, and this give you the chance to see the amazing sea whenever you are in the mood. The beach is also a good place for watersports and kid related activities.

The rooms at Sunshine Corfu Hotel
The hotel’s rooms feature balconies and terraces where you can have your morning coffee and enjoy the view. In addition to this, the rooms are fully equipped with modern furniture and kitchens. The kitchens also feature fridges and microwaves, and the rooms include extra sofas.

Restaurants and gastronomy
Sunshine Corfu Hotel & Spa offers an extensive breakfast buffet, as well as 2 restaurants for lunch and dinner. The casual ambiance and fresh foods will make you want to come back again next day. The restaurants feature outdoor tables, just in case you want to eat while overlooking the sea.

Go to the Spa
The hotel’s Spa is a good place to get energized and refreshed. The professional therapists will pamper you with the most popular treatments or help you customize your own. Furthermore, you can have your manicure or pedicure done for a party.

Work out at the gym
The gym is the right place to start your day. Take an hour off your schedule to practice a new workout routine, and maybe take a Yoga or Pilate class. The gym is open 247 for the hotel’s guests, and a key is provided.

Shopping trips
Shopping is a fun activity, and Sunshine Corfu Hotel gives you the chance to buy beauty products but also little souvenirs. If you need a bigger selection, check out the shops in the area. You will be able to find amazing bathsuits and other beach accessories.

Play tennis
If you like tennis, all you have to do is visit the resort’s tennis court for a few hours. Maybe you want to take lessons and these are also available. Some other activities you might enjoy are golf and volleyball.

Visit Nisaki
This beautiful village in Greece makes for an amazing summer vacation. You will definitely enjoy discovering its natural wonders, sea life and of course, get the chance to mingle with the locals.

Visit the beach
The beach is a place where you can relax and maybe play sports. The crystal blue waters and sand draw many tourists every year, and you can also get to enjoy a cocktail or an ice cream while getting a lovely tan.

Go to the pool
Perhaps you are not a big fan of swimming in the sea, and in that case all you have to do is check out the pool. The outdoor pool features a bar and a lounge where you can relax and enjoy the sun. Furthermore, the pool is available to kids as well.