Survival Guide For Flight Delays

Flight delays are always a pain, and many travelers get bored when they have to wait long hours in the airport. If you want to avoid this, check out our survival guide for flight delays. The time you spend waiting can be put at good use, and you might even have fun. Either way, your time in the airport will not be as stressful.

Try to find another flight
After you learn that your flight has been delayed, you can try to book another one that leaves faster. There are several ways in which you can do this. Some airports include kiosks that nobody really uses, but where your flight will be rescheduled much faster. Or, you can simply call and see if other flights are available.

Check your flight time before leaving home
Many travelers forget to check their flight time once more before leaving. This is a bad idea, as you may just learn your flight has been delayed. Call the airport or look online to make sure the hour has not been changed, and beware of the weather conditions as well. Bad weather always causes flight delays you may be able to avoid with a call.

Search for a restaurant or cafe
Evey airport has a lounge where you can relax and maybe grab a bite if you feel tired. This will also give you the chance to relax and forget about your flight for an hour. Many cafes offer free internet access, where you can check your emails and maybe talk to someone. If you don’t know your away around the airport, you can always ask someone or check the map. Packing some sandwiches is also a good idea, as the airport food is overpriced at times.

Know your options
Whenever you are booking a flight, you should know the refund policies as well as anything else that could help you. You might be able to get your money back if the flight delay is interfering with your plans too much. Each company has different policies, so make sure you get informed and stay on the safe side. Perhaps the flight company can help you make alternative plans if something goes wrong.

Keep a positive attitude
If you feel yourself getting angry over the flight delay, find something fun to do. Talk to other people who are in the same situation, read a book, or email your best friends. If you brought along the computer, you may want to play some games as a stress reliever. Remind yourself that you cannot always control everything, and try to be polite to the customer service.

Keep your bags safe
Ask the customer reps what will happen to your luggage when flight delays happen. This minimizes the risk of having your bags lost or them arriving late. Flight delays are common, but so is lost luggage, so keep an eye on your bags at all times. If your flight is delayed for the entire night, you may be able to get them taken care of once you ask.