Check out the 5 reasons to visit Sydney for your next trip to Australia.

Go to Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach is possibly the most popular beach in Australia, and millions of tourists are visiting it each year. The beach is where numerous artists and celebrities are hanging out, however the atmosphere is not like you would expect. The glamour and fun will make you feel at ease, so make sure to spend a day here and do some people watching!

The food and restaurants
You can find pretty much anything you want in Sidney, as the city is packed with restaurants and bars. Try the fish and chips, have a cup of coffee at Kawa Cafe and check out the funky Harry’s Cafe De Wheels. Sidney offers plenty of choices, so it doesn’t matter whether you like street food or want to dine at a stylish place.

Enjoy some free activities
If you don’t want to spend a lot during your Sidney vacation, there are plenty of things to do for free. Take a trip to the Botanical Gardens and see all the flora there, and you may also get a glimpse of the flying fox. These creatures like to hang out on trees, so grab your camera and get some good pictures.

Go to Sydney Opera House
Maybe you enjoy art and theatrical performances, so go to the Opera House and watch a performance. The amazing architecture and varied performances satisfy even the most picky tourists. Tickets are best purchased beforehand, so check out the official website in order to learn the schedule.

Visit the Sydney Harbour
This fabulous harbour is the city’s most important tourist attraction. The harbour underwent significant changes over the past 200 years, and nowadays packed with apartment building and beautiful beaches. Take the time to explore it and enjoy the scenic views.