25 travel hacks to make the most of summer vacation

If you want to make your trip a lot more simple, pay attention to the 25 easy travel hacks. These will definitely improve your vacation.

Skip the sleep overs: if you choose an overnight flight, you will be able to save money on accommodation. This option is perfect for longer tours with multiples destinations.

Get freebies: take advantage of the freebies and sample you receive. You will have a lighter luggage and even get some items that are too expensive otherwise.

Take advantage of offers: take advantage of any offer you can find such as free food or drinks. Some places also offer coupons and various discounts which may be useful.

Avoid data roaming: it is expensive and not worth it. Stick to the wi-fi offered in many places or look into other options.

Sunscreen: you may have to pay a lot for sunscreen if you buy from a beach resort, so make sure to bring your own. A stick may also be a lot less messy than a lotion.

Bring a card: if you bring your student card with you, it is possible to be offered much lower prices.

Use soap: leftover soap can always be used to freshen up with laundry bag.

Use duct tape: duct tape can be used for pretty much anything that needs fixing.

Get a power strip: this will make things easier whenever you need to charge your phone.

Get deals: you can use coupon sites in order to find the best deals around.

Free attractions: many museums offer free entrances on certain days, so you can take advantage of this option.

Save on food: buy food from supermarkets or even local markets in order to save money.

Rewards program: many airlines and hotels offer these.

Save on tickets: buy these in advance in order to save money.

Take a chance: buy the ticket you want as soon as you see a good deal.

Go on a cruise: many times these offer great reward cards and discounts.

Avoid direct flights: your flight may take longer but you will save a lot by doing this.

Mix flights: if you are feeling risky, mixing and matching flights will get you a better deal.

Pay attention to the seat: research how the airplane sitting is distributed and get the best for your money.

Take a foreign flight: most often, these offer much better deals than local companies.

Don’t overpack: you will save space in your luggage and won’t surpass the weight limit restrictions.

Get your money back: you can get a refund on the VAT taxes if you know how to do it.

Go left: the lines on the left usually tend to be much shorter than the ones on the right when at the airport.

Get some space: your bag could be checked for free at the airport if the airplane is already full.

Search smart: if you search flights for only one traveler, you could get a deal even if your group of friends is coming along.