• By Jane
  • About Trivago.com

Hotels have a long relationship with travelers everywhere. Finding alternative accommodation is only a recent twist to traveling, so the hotels, inns, and other traditional accommodation systems are still mainly and widely used. Finding the cheapest hotel at any destination is not an easy task, in fact it is rather difficult. Or at least it used to be difficult until Trivago came along 10 years ago. If you are curious as to what the company can do for you, read on.

Trivago is the search engine designed especially for those who like to travel and do so often. The main thing to know about Trivago is that it collects hotel information from booking websites, but it is not a booking site per se. Its results page shows room prices from over 200 sites that allow users to make a hotel reservation. Users of Trivago have access to room prices from more than 700 thousand hotels. The site has 47 international platforms and receives more than 40 million visitors each month. It is rather easy to see that Trivago is well trusted as it offers accurate information.

Trivago is a German product, but it spread fast to other European countries, and then to countries outside of Europe. When you visit the international platform you’ll be offered the local version of the site if it’s available, however you can ignore the option. The bottom of the page shows all the countries and languages in which you can see Trivago. The company offers extensive travel related info on many destinations all over the world. Along with the most popular locations, you can also find less visited destinations you may enjoy. Tips and info regarding things to do and see are also available for anyone interested.

If you want to find hotel prices, all you have to do is to choose the city you want to travel to. Scrolling a little you have the option to see the top destinations or the top cities. This feature allows you to either find the locations with most things to do or those least crowded ones. All in all, finding good deals on hotels is now easier than ever. The website provides a search engine you can use in order to uncover the best flights and hotels. If you want to stick to a budget, you can compare flights and see which is the cheapest. There are also options to find more luxurious flights and hotels that are well suited to a glamorous vacation.

Trivago can also be visited by using a mobile device. If you are too busy to book a vacation from a computer, you can do so by browsing the site with your phone. The company also offers an app that makes things easier when it comes to fast booking.

Overall, the platform is not only easy to use but also convenient. As millions of tourists are booking with the site every day, you should consider it an option when going on a trip.