United Airlines

It can be difficult searching hundreds of airlines when it comes time for a vacation or a business trip. In addition, with so many out there no single airline can really be the best, although United Airlines must come close as they have everything you could possibly want regarding travel. That said, we have created a list of 10 reasons we should fly with United Airlines, so you can see what we mean.

First reason we should fly with United Airlines is the pure scale of their operation. The facts speak for themselves, like 235 domestic destinations, 139 international destinations, 58 countries, and over 139 million passengers annually with more than 5,100 departures. With that kind of coverage, you’re sure to find a flight to the destination you’re wanting to go to.

Second reason is their frequent-flyer program, which happens to be the world’s most rewarding loyalty program. It’s called MileagePlus, and members have access to the most extensive merchandise redemption programs in the industry. That being said, no other airline offers more destinations for award travel, and you can earn elite travel perks, including premier airport services.

Our third reason we should fly with United Airlines is their Member Lounges. With more than 48 clubs in 38 worldwide airports, members get complimentary bar service, beverages, snacks, and business amenities like workstations, conference rooms and Wi-Fi all included. Furthermore, members also get personal service with seat selection, boarding passes, reservations and more.

Fourth reason for using United Airlines is the inflight services. The individual will get on demand entertainment, Direct TV, feature movies, music, magazines, video game’s power outlets and Wi-Fi to name just a few. In addition, they can also use most major credit cards for inflight payments such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and more.

The fifth reason for flying with United Airlines is the Special Travel Needs. Now, we haven’t come across an airline that offers, so much help for disabled travelers and passengers with special needs like United Airlines. However, the person would have to check their website for detailed info on services offered like seating, wheelchair equipment, aid animals, help assistance onto flights and at the airport, oxygen, safety assistant and much more.

Sixth reason for using United Airlines is their Special Flight Offers. Check the site regularly for lots of offers, and deals that can save you a lot, like exotic locations, theme park packages, ski destinations and more. In addition, the prices shown there will typically include taxes and fees, so you get no surprises at the checkout, but they are non refundable except during the first 24hrs after purchase, so keep that in mind when booking your flight with them.

Our seventh reason for choosing United Airlines is their vacation packages. Now, again this is yet another time where the person can easily save with United Airlines packages. That said, they offer the consumer plenty of featured specials, or you can build your own package, the choice is all up to you to decide upon. They have all-inclusive resorts, and plenty of fantastic places to choose from like Hawaii, the Caribbean, Las Vegas and a whole host of other destinations.

The eighth reason we should fly with United Airlines is the Group Travel and Meetings. This program is for those in groups of ten, or more traveling on a common flight to a common destination. In addition, the benefits include guaranteed fare for the group, a group coordinator to assist you at the airport, and priority check-in.

Ninth reason for using United Airlines is products for Business. There is a wealth of information on the website that can’t be detailed in a single article, but to highlight, you have the MileagePlus Business Card, MileagePlus Explorer Business Card, Corporate Information Center, Corporatravel expense management products and more. There is also United PassPlus, and United PerksPlus, which rewards small to midsize companies for business travel with United Airlines.

Our tenth reason we should fly with United Airlines is Trip Insurance. That said while this is an often overlooked item, it’s probably the most important when visiting other countries. In addition, It is always best to plan for the unexpected, especially when things can go wrong through no fault of your own, like lost baggage, getting sick, or needing medical emergency services.

If, reading our 10 reasons we should fly with United Airlines hasn’t peaked your interest, then you’re probably already flying with them. Moreover, their website is very user friendly, and has a lot of information regarding any travel question you may have. That said, we strongly recommend this airline as one of the best around, and if you’ve had problems with other companies in the past, we urge you to try United Airlines at least once, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.