Terms & Conditions

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Be sure to read all of these terms and conditions of use cautiously before opening, using or getting any of the data on our website, or using any of our mobile or tablet apps or one of the other things we offer here on the Travelado search engine site.
When you are using Travelado, whether it is on a tablet, mobile device or laptop, these rules and regulations will apply to our services, as well as to what is listed in our Privacy Policy. Therefore, if you don’t want to accept all of the listed terms, conditions and rules, then you are not allowed to use our services on the Travelado search engine site.
Be aware that these terms and conditions at Travelado could be modified or changed for any purpose and at any time of our choosing. If we do so, a new file with the most current terms and conditions will be posted. Once this is done, any sort of changes don’t change any of the previous rights and obligations in effect before these changes were made regarding you keeping on using the Travelado website in the future.
So, any terms are subject to the ones in place when you use the Travelado site, so be sure to check if there are any changes in the site from time to time. Then, if you disagree to any of the terms or to any of the possible changes to those terms, or you decide you don’t like our website for some reason, all you can do is to quit using the Travelado site immediately.
Additionally, be aware we don’t sell any sort of travel products. Travelado is only a search engine for travel services, and doesn’t give, own or have any control over any of the services you may discover through the use of our website like flights, accommodations, rental cars, packages, or travel insurance (which are hereby called the “travel merchandise.” The Travel Merchandise is possessed, controlled and/or made obtainable all by third parties (hereby called the “Providers of Travel” either direct, such as by a specific airline, or in the form of an agent, such as one from an online travel company.
The Providers of Travel are the ones accountable for the Travel Merchandise. The Providers of Travel’s terms and their privacy policies will be applied to the client’s booking. Thereby, the client has to agree to it and to understand it. Additionally, the Provider of Travel’s terms, such as for an airline, motel, operator of a tour, etc. will also be applied to the client’s travel, and the client has to agree to and be aware of these rules.
So, any interactions with any of the Providers of Travel found through Travelado website is done at the client’s own risk. Travelado is not responsible if anything goes wrong or is incorrect in regards to a booking or any part of the client’s travel.

Intellectual Property
We, as well as our business affiliates, the Providers of Travel and any other licensors are the owners of the entirety of any words, graphics, software, brand trademarks, as well as any service marks or additional materials enclosed on the Travelado website.
Thereby, a client won’t duplicate or electronically or otherwise transmit any of these materials with the exception of their own personal, and non-commercial usage. All of the copyrighted, trademarked and other branded rights announcements shown on the Travelado website is required to be shown on any and all reproductions of the materials you may print.
Any additional product, service or business designation seen on the Travelado website that isn’t related to travel is the property of the respective third party company. The client must get ahold of the appropriate third party in order to get additional data in regards to these designations, as well as the registration status of them. The client’s usage of the Travelado website doesn’t allow them a license or any rights for usage of the marks incorporated into the Travelado website.

Usage of the Travelado website
A client can only utilize and register as a user of the Travelado website or use Trips if they are legally of the age allowed to sign and comply with a legal contract. If someone becomes a Travelado registered user or they book a trip that causes a Trips account to be created, then they are also responsible for preserving the secrecy of their passwords, as well as their login name and account data. This means they will be responsible for any and all usage of the website, as well as for the use of it by anyone they give their password and login information to or for anyone you don’t give them to, that accesses the travel bookings you have created.
Plus, if your data changes, it must be updated at once. And if you think your data isn’t secure anymore, such as it has been stolen or some sort of disallowed usage has occurred, or your computing device has been stolen, you are required to immediately change your password, login and other personal data that was compromised.

Over-all Requirements
The website owners can alter the website, as well as any of these terms any time they desire and if so, don’t have to give the client any notice. The client is thereby responsible for keeping up to date about the terms of operation. If the client keeps using the website, this means they accept those terms and possible changes. Any future alterations will supersede any prior term versions.
Unless it is spelled out otherwise somewhere on the site, all modifications to the listed terms will be applied to any and all clients, including the ones who signed up prior to the date of those changes affective date. Additionally, we can end any agreement with the client based on these terms any such time we desire merely by giving the client notice in writing, such as by email, and/ or if the client is registered as a user, it can be done through account cancellation and blocking access to an existing account.