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Hefer says that using the OTAs [meaning online travel agencies] will be a direct and a more cost-effective for hotels and hoteliers because in five to six years from now when online will become an even greater source of distribution.
The Company is controlled by Expedia, an online travel agency, and it is a public company.
While the plan sounds good in theory, Trivago has its work cut out for it. Currently, only 11,000 hotels are actively participating in this marketplace. However, worldwide there may be anywhere between 140,000 and 600,000 independent hotels, but the number depends on which third-party source you choose to believe.

The majority of properties listed today on Trivago are actually chains. This can’t be said about many of the world’s hotels. Hefer continued saying that the travel company must expand the number of hotels listed to better reflect the world.

Hefer points out that the market of individual hotels is more fractured, like a long-tail when compared to chains. He adds that it is difficult to reach them and that the effort is not in vain.

To appeal to independent hoteliers,


puts a lot of effort into brand recognition. It is well known that the company directs a lot of funds towards digital and TV advertising. Trivago is in the lead according to the latest statistics provided by iSpot.tv on U.S. TV advertising spend shows.

In a similar fashion, the global Google Trends data is frequently updated and shows the terms that interest users the most, by searching them. For the past five years, the most popular search was TripAdvisor while sites like Booking.com, Expedia, Trivago flights, or Kayak were left behind. This summer, Trivago’s popularity as a search term spiked, leaving behind TripAdvisor by a striking distance.

It seems that Trivago’s strategy is quite good as the hotels are positively responding to its wide brand awareness. Only in June of 2017, Trivago boosted to 290 million the number of hotels advertised on its website, and this is an increase by 97%.

Travel Sites

When you plan a trip, you may need concrete ideas of where to go. A travel site will help with this by providing you the lowest possible rates, good customer service and of course varied destinations. If you enjoy traveling consider using one of these top  travel search engines for your next trip.


is more than a travel search engine: it is a flight expert support team! They guarantee you a better deal than the one you just found by having an expert looking for even bigger savings for your wallet. Trivago Hotel Finder beat the searching time of all engines by returning the results in the shortest amount of time. So if you’re in a hurry this search engine might be for you. Trivago Flights is a simple platform designed for users that are budget conscious as it usually shows rates below average.

Expedia Travel Sites

is a strong platform to use when you want to make all of your trip arrangements: flights, hotels, car deals, cruises, or things to do. A vacation or business trip is more enjoyable when everything is in one place. The travel company keeps in mind its customers needs and offers info on the location’s most popular activities.

3. Hipmunk has an unique visual display that includes all trip data, thus allowing you to compare them easily. If you are still unsure of what to choose between 2 locations, the comparison feature makes things that much easier.

4. Travelocity Travel Site helps travelers with easy bookings for journeys to several cities. If you have more than one destination, this site has in depth information on cities that do not appear on many other traveling sites. Perhaps the location you want to visit is obscure, and in that case Travelocity is your best bet. Furthermore, the site is convenient to use by anyone and mobile ready.

5. Momondo is a colorful, but easy to use platform with useful filters to choose your best voyage option. Once you see the arrival and departure times or cheapest trips, you will be able to weigh in the options that are important for you. A reliable search function is a very important feature for a travel platform to have.

6. Kayak is a clean platform that offers the essential features for your trip. Its most outstanding feature is the mobile application for making reservations on the go. You do not have to browse from your computer, as you can sign in directly with your mobile device.

7. MSN showsyou the lowest rates and at the same time provides an adventure tab feature and news regarding your destination. It may attract those who want to stay informed on things related to their trip, while booking it at the same time. This platform is still a favorite among travelers all over the world despite its age.

8. TripAdvisor continues to be a strong option for those who want some advice from other travelers before booking their flight or hotel.

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