• By Jane
  • About TravelZoo.com

Everyone has different needs from a website dedicated to traveling and different needs when they travel. There are people who want a travel site dedicated to a specific area or country because it can better cater to their specific expectations. Travelzoo is a website designed for about 11 countries on 4 continents, meaning it can be read in several languages, such as French, Chinese, Japanese, or German, and not many travel websites can brag with a similar feature.

The users of Travelzoo have the option of seeing the best deals no matter what they want to experience. For instance, visitors are given the option to see the best deals for cruises, destinations, car rentals, restaurants, spas, and the list goes on. Some people choose to visit a certain location because of the activities or entertainment options the destination has to offer. If you're one of this type of tourists then you should check out the left side of the screen as the menu offers many choices. Depending on what matters to you more, choosing the appropriate menu item will result in a new pop-up window with the cities found at the destination. At times you'll notice that only the cities chosen the most appear, giving the wrong impression of limited offers.

Unlike many other sites, Travelzoo can even keep you updated with the latest special offers in the city of choice. The offers are not limited to plane tickets and hotel room accommodations, but they extend to various other activities you might like or be interested in. This way you can get discounted concert tickets, discounted spa treatments, or even shopping sales. Some people like to sign up for various classes and workshops while on a vacation and Travelzoo knows it. This knowledge allows the staff to collect and share useful information about the classes you can attend for a lowered price at your destination. Usually, the offers you see can be purchased for someone else you care about, to surprise them as well. Some of the gifts can be really nice wines, a day at the spa, and not only. Sometimes these offers can come with a 60% off offer, or are nearly free - if you think that paying $1 for a book in USA is almost free.

When choosing your destination, make sure it is appropriate for you and everyone else coming along in the trip. You might not want to go to a family friendly location if you and your partner want some quality alone time. Travelzoo makes it easy for its visitors to choose a vacation or a hotel based on the age of those traveling. Paying attention to this feature means that everyone will have a good time.

If you're one of those people making up their mind to go places on a whim, the Last Minute section has several offers you can look at to ensure you take advantage of a nice deal. If don't always have access to a computer, the site is available as a mobile application as well - booking has never been more easy or fast.