What you need to know about all-inclusive hotels

What you need to know about all-inclusive hotels

  • By Kate.L
  • Travel Tips

Booking an all inclusive vacation sounds good, especially if you have a big family. There are many pros and cons to such a package, and this is what you need to know about all-inclusive hotels.

Some things might not be included
Although most tourists believe all inclusive resorts include everything you could possibly imagine, this is not always the case. Some of the best brands of liquor or expensive food might not be part of the offer. Each hotel is different, however a few may not even include Internet access. This all depends on the resort, so make sure to be prepared when you arrive. If you plan on going on trips or practice sports, these are generally included in the package you purchased.

Beware of the season and overcrowding
Your all inclusive resort might be overcrowded during the peak season. This depends on location, but usually summer months and winter holidays are the busiest. If you purchase an all inclusive package in a popular place, do not expect a lot of private space. However, smart travelers know that the higher end properties offer better options. Nowadays, you can book an all inclusive resort that is also located in a serene area where not many people go. Do your research first and you will be able to find the best deal on a luxury resort.

Buffets and meals
Times improved and nowadays all inclusive resorts offer more than just basic food choices. If you thought your all inclusive package will force you to eat a buffet meal everyday, you were wrong. Numerous resorts include varied meal options that cater to people with allergies, or those who are vegetarian. This is a far cry from how things used to be in the 90's, when guests mostly had to eat the same thing everyday. A luxury all inclusive provide different cuisine styles, which will stop you from getting bored too soon.

You get what you pay for
Some all inclusive resorts offer low priced packages, but you should hold off until you find one that truly suits you. You may have to pay a little more to get the best options, however your vacation will also be more fun. Getting an all inclusive package is all about convenience and good value, so choose a hotel with good reviews and many things to do. Furthermore, you should select the package based on who you are traveling with. A big family has different priorities than a group of friends or a romantic couple.

The resort's facilities
The hotel's location as well as its facilities will play an important part in your vacation. For example, if the resort is situated far from the airport, make sure the all inclusive package features airport transfers. Some visitors need to work on vacation, so check out the wi-fi access and conference room. The room service might not be scheduled at the hours you want, so be ready to make a compromise on that too. Last but not least, read carefully in order to find out whether the package has any hidden costs.