Alternate airports, how to use them

Alternate airports, how to use them

  • By Kate.L
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Depending on where you live you might not be aware of the existence of alternate airports in most major cities of the world. If you're new to flying and want to learn more on why some cities have more than one airport, continue your reading as this is a short guide to alternate airports, how to use them.

The main reason for which most folks, especially locals, choose to fly to the secondary airports, is because of the plane fare and you should do the same. First of all, the main airports are always busy and it is hard to find an empty one. Generally, the bigger the city, and the more important it is, and it attracts thousands of visitors every day. You're paying more because the personnel is more busy than in other locations. A really busy or simply overwhelmed airport staff is also contributing to lost luggage, delays, and what not.

The distance from your airport does matter, and reaching your hotel or main points of interest are also important. For instance, there is a distance of 6 miles between Dallas Love Field Airport and the business center of the city. Dallas' main airport is 19 miles away and more expensive. Did we mention, that the secondary one is well connected to downtown through the public transportation, and serviced by 2 main airlines?

Some other airports are further from the city you want to fly to, but usually the train or connecting bus costs less than 30 dollars. You will save some hundred dollars by flying here and out of here compared to the fare to the main airport. If you want to further cut down the costs associated with flying, take into account the overnight flights as well.

If you want a timely departure and landing time, your chances increase by using the seconary airports. As mentioned above, there are less passengers transiting them, therefore the staff is less stressed and can perform their duties faster and better. There have been reports of fewer lost luggage as well. For instance, the Long Beach Airport has a rate of 86% timely departures and arrivals.

Speaking of secondary airports in Los Angeles, there is a secondary alternate one that is 2 miles closer than the main one. This airport stands out with its 29 direct flights and the possibility or renting the most comfortable cars you can think of.

When searching for a convenient flight, make sure to include the near-by airports as well. You'll have a better image of the ticket price, helping you decide if the effort is really worth it. Find out how much it would cost you to reach your hotel by taxi or public buses, and take those into account as well.

Passing through the security screening will be by far much more easy and less stressful when in a secondary airport. The airport security stress is well known in New York's main airport. If you need to fly inor out of the Big Apple, better check out any of the other airports.