Las Vegas

Top 10 places to visit in Las Vegas

  • By Richars G
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Las Vegas represents a ticket to riches to many, but most of those visiting this well known city in the Mojave Desert goes home feeling their pockets lighter. Next you can learn more about the top 10 places to visit in Las Vegas.

San Gennaro Feast
This is the largest Italian festival reuniting both music and good food in a single place. The festival happens twice a year in Las Vegas is sure is something you should attend.

The Mob Museum
People dedicate museums to anything these days, so a Mob Museum comes as no wonder. This museum is dedicated to the best known gangsters in Vegas and features unique artifacts as well as theatrical presentations.

The Pinball Hall of Fame
Depending on how old you are you might not know this super popular game since before computers and Wii. Those who want to be reminded of their youth should definitely stop by and re-test their skills. There seems to be no admission fee either, so what are you waiting for?

Madame Tussaud's museum
Also known as the wax museum, this place reunites many famous people under a single roof, except they're all made of wax. You can take pictures with your favorites if you like. The resemblance is mirror like and you couldn't say which one is real if the alive version was there next to their wax statue.

The Bellagio fountains
These fountains are impressive in person especially since the water is synchronized with the music which changes regularly. This attraction is one that should be seen at night more than during the day, as the lights make everything look more magic.

The Eiffel Tower
You are not in Paris, France, but In Paris Las Vegas and everyone knows everything is possible in this city, even bringing a piece of France here. This tower is just half as tall as the one in Paris and it still offers great views of the city.

The Mirage Volcano
Volcanoes are both scary and charming for many people. Vegas has its own and it is well worth a short visit. To really understand what's there to see, better go at night for the impressive show. Sure enough, lights are the main attraction is this show, and they're best seen after sunset.

This is actually an activity than a place to see, but it takes place on a building visited by many Vegas tourists. This is a controlled free fall from a height of well over 800 feet. They say the view at the top is amazing though.

Hershey's Chocolate World
If you love chocolate you'll surely love this place as well. You'll find here all the products manufactured by Hershey while being able to buy packages filled with various goodies in smaller version, and if you need a nice gift you might be able to find that as well.

Some churches
The Guardian Angel Cathedral and the Little Church of the West should both be paid a short visit if you're in Vegas. You might even be able to get married here if this is something you wish for.