Top 10 places to visit in Orlando

  • By Richars G
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Almost everyone associates Orlando, Florida with Walt Disney World. While most of the attractions are related to this place, there are certainly other places and things to see as well.

Do you want to see a dolphin or a whale show? You can enjoy them both right here. The huge aquariums where all sorts of fish can be seen are another popular attraction, as are the touch pools and the rides.

Discovery Cove
Do you want a closer encounter with various sea creatures? Discovery Cove might be the place for you! This is a resort like attraction and most people choose the swimming with dolphins experience. Getting closer to the stingrays is something for the braver out there though.

Orlando Science Center
If you think that’s just too much water, you might want to dry off in this science center where you can see and learn more about a variety of subjects. Some of the exhibits are from other parts of the country and they are just on tour. The laser shows are also quite nice to watch if you have the patience.

Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine
This is a basilica and it is used by many Catholics in Orlando as a place of worship. You can still visit it is even if you’re not a Catholic to see the impressive statues of Virgin Mary and learn more about the Christian Pilgrimage.

The Universal Studios
Steven Spielberg helped in the design of this theme park, and many people want to visit it just for this reason alone. There are way too many other attractions and adventures waiting for you here, but too little space to mention them all, but it seems the most popular of them is the Harry Potter World.

Walt Disney World
This place needs no more introduction and there are countless tourists coming to Orlando just to see this themed park, and spent their entire holiday here. The best part is that if the parents want some alone time, they can pay for a nanny who can act as a personal guide and assistant as well.

The circus
The best circus show in town is presented by Cirque du Soleil. All of their performances are outstanding, and it seems the most popular of them is La Nouba. It seems this show changed a bit since it first premiered, and some performers come really close to the viewers on the first row.

An escape room
There are several escape rooms around Orlando, so all you have to do is pick one. America's Escape Game is just one of them, and judging by the online reviews it receives most visitors.

The International Drive
Past travelers to this spot compared it to Broadway. This area is filled with shops, restaurants, and hotels. This is a popular spot so prices can be high and the traffic quite bad in the evening.

Thornton Park
This place is for those who prefer a quiet time. Sitting on a bench and observing the birds and other animals will surely make you forget the passing of time.