The 5 reasons to visit Hanoi

  • By Mary L
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Affordable prices
If you want to visit the city, you will find the prices to be much lower here comparing to other cities. It doesn't matter whether you want to grab a taxi, get lunch at a nice restaurant or visit a museum. Hanoi's low prices will give you the chance to explore as much as you want without making a whole in your budget.

Great restaurants
Hanoi is famed for its great cuisine and exotic dishes, so take a stroll downtown in order to find the best places. There are many eateries, but also stylish restaurants located here. In addition to that, you may even get the chance to take a cooking class and improve your skills.

Go to a museum
The city features numerous museums and art galleries where tourists can spend a full day. Start off with a visit to the Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, and then head over to the Museum of the Revolution. These are 2 of Hanoi's most well known museums, so don't forget to to bring a camera with you in order to get some nice pictures.

Mingle with locals
When you visit a new destination, there is nothing better than making new friends and learn about their lifestyle. Locals are friendly and always ready to help, and you may even get the chance to practice your Vietnamese skills. Furthermore, you may get the chance to ask about the city's best hotspots and nightclubs.

Visit the Snake Village
Snake Village is a popular tourist attraction in Hanoi, and a place to go to whenever you're looking for a thrill. Watch a snake get cooked right in front of your eyes, and maybe you will consider this to be your new favorite dish.