The 5 reasons to visit Paris

  • By Mary L
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Read on for the five reason to visit Paris. The city of love is an amazing destination regardless of the season.

A romantic holiday
You will love nothing more than hang on the streets of Paris with you significant other. Have a romantic dinner at one of the intimate restaurants in the city, enjoy drinks and visit some romantic places like Montmartre. If you don't know the city, you can choose to explore it during your honeymoon.

Visit The Eiffel Tower
This touristic attraction is what makes Paris so special, so you should not end your vacation without seeing it. You can take a tour, climb up to the restaurant for a fee, or simply watch the tower from afar. The Eiffel Tower sparkles every night until dawn, and you will not regret getting a view of it after sunset.

Go to The Arc de Triomphe
If you want to visit the city's landmarks, The Arc de Triomphe is definitely worth a visit. The building is located in the Place Charles de Gaulle, and offers an amazing view of the city. Furthermore, you can take pictures here and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Shop on Champs Elysées
This luxurious street is the best place to shop while you are in Paris. Millions of people come to Paris every year just to do some shopping, so don't miss out on the chance to purchase some designer goods. Stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Swarovski are located here, as well as many high end brands.

See the art
Paris is very rich in museums and art galleries, and the famed The Louvre is also located here. Take a day off to discover all the museums, and discover the history of the city. Some museums offer a free entrance, while for others a booking is required. Generally, the galleries provide tickets on their website.